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Former President Trump’s endorsement is hands down the most sought after in the Republican Party, and Trump isn’t disappointing.

The former president – eight months removed from the White House – remains extremely popular and influential with Republican voters and politicians as he aims to continue playing a king maker’s role in the GOP.

The article goes on to state the following:

And as Trump repeatedly flirts with another White House run in 2024, thanks to a spate of recent endorsements, he’s now backed nearly 40 Republicans running in elections this year and next year, from statewide races such as senator and governor to down-ballot contests.

The report notes that it’s rare for a former president to remain so involved in party politics, and quotes veteran political scientist Wayne Lesperance as saying, “Once again former President Trump is proving to march to the beat of his own drums.”

Trump has also already endorsed GOP primary challengers to four of the ten House Republicans who voted to impeach him in January, as they blamed him for the Jan. 6 Capitol riot.

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  1. You’re gonna think Rhinos when the left and right is finished with their Masonic, satanic, matrix, agenda! We are all going to pray on our knees for Jesus to come quickly! Deception is the name of their game!

  2. The article states no other president has remained so involved in politics. I think Obama still has his hand in it. At some point, after he left the White House, I read that he had 30,000 people in place working on his projects. And he bought a house in DC.

  3. Wellsaid Rosemary. Trump
    2024. Biden is not doing this alone you know he has the Clinton’s and Obamas pulling his strings like a puppet. Sad day in America

  4. I love and support My President Trump! And think he is doing a fantastic job to get those criminals in the administration and Congress out and save America and her citizens! 🥰🇺🇸🗽👏🙏✌🏻🎇KM


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