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In stark a contrast Wednesday, Twitter users did not take too kindly to the White House announcement that the travel mask mandate will be extended another 15 days, while on MSNBC Andrea Mitchell and NIH Director Anthony Fauci wanted more.

The news elicited a wave of anger from conservatives and the anti-lockdown side of Twitter who remembered how the first wave of COVID-19 restrictions started with a “Two weeks to stop the spread” plan in 2020.

The article goes on to state the following:

Fox New columnist Bethany Mandel reacted with some sarcasm, saying, “Two weeks to stop the spread. That’ll do it.”

“Why only 15 days?” Mitchell asked Fauci on Wednesday.

“I would agree we really do need more time,” Fauci replied.

“We’ve seen this play before. “Two weeks to slow the spread,” Sen. Ted Cruz tweeted. “Enough with the mandates!”

Many others slammed the move to extend the mandate around the same time the Biden administration decided to end Title 42 at the border.

“The CDC has extended the airplane mask mandate an additional two weeks because being on airplanes without a mask isn’t safe due to covid,” radio host Clay Travis tweeted. “Simultaneously the same CDC has opened up our Southern border and ended Title 42 because they say covid is no longer a threat.”

“On one hand, the CDC extends travel mask mandates, while on the other, they announce they will be dropping Title 42 at the border,” Fox’s Bill Melugin wrote.

Twitter users pushed back on the ‘moronic’ extension as ‘theater’ and encouraged airlines to refuse enforcement of the ‘ridiculous’ mandate.

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  1. Honestly, I think the Democrats are going to get the brunt of everyone’s dissatisfaction with everything come this fall. They have been behind every idiotic, unpopular, illegal, annoying and unnecessary program and mandate since Bidet took office.

  2. Who gives a shit what the cdc says! Remember! Walensky said “ you didn’t have to listen to us!!! You threatened the community, forced masks thats don’t work, LIED ABOUT THE COVID DEATHS, ONLY 6% not 94%! You just admitted you lied about 77,000 child deaths and then had the balls to say it was a coding error!! The fuck it was! YOU LIED, YOUVE BEEN LYING! AND YOU REFUSE TO REPORT THE REAL NUMBER OF VACCINE DEATHS!

  3. Fauci the fraud is laughable & should be in elderly care. It’s very easy folks! Stand up for your God given American rights!

  4. You can really tell who the Democrats are they are the ones driving in the cars with masks on . Wearing masks outside with no one around . Having their kids wearing masks . Fauci has f ed up half the country. This will go on for years !


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