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Two California men will stand trial for a hate crime after allegedly doing a series of burnouts on a Santa Cruz street that damaged a Black Lives Matter mural in July.

Brandon Bochat, 20, and Hagan Warner, 19, will face felony vandalism and reckless driving with a hate crime enhancement after they admitted to vandalizing the Center Street mural on July 23, but they have denied any racial motivation, the Santa Cruz Sentinel reported.

The article goes on to state the following:

Santa Cruz PD officer Elliot Rock told the court Wednesday that both men said their anger was directed toward the Black Lives Matter movement, not Black people, the Sentinel reported. Their lawyers have opposed the hate crime enhancement, arguing that Black Lives Matter is not a protected class.

Bochat’s attorney, Micha Rinkus, told the Sentinel, “BLM is not a protected group, it is a political organization. It is a very of the moment, very important and very popular movement right now. If this act was done towards animus of a racial group, that is one thing. The act was political.”

Jeffrey Stotter, Warner’s attorney, reportedly said that his client’s actions were fueled by alcohol and “stupidity,” not racism.

Santa Cruz County Prosecutor Michael Mahan claims the act was prat of an “ongoing pattern” after reportedly showing a video of both defendants with other boys who were yelling “White power” and giving Nazi salutes on Bochat’s social media.

“To say this is them being boys doing something stupid truly minimizes what happened. There are other ways to make a political statement,” Mahan said, according to the report.

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  1. Bull, writing on the road by blm was against the law also why wasn’t the people prosecuted for vandalism our statutes
    I guess it depends if your a democrat or Republican, this shit needs to stop

  2. Oh wait!!! You arrest the guy who burned down the Christmas tree in front of Fox News and he was released WITH NO BAIL!! But u want to arrest 2 kids for peeling out on blm on the street? THAT MURAL IS NOT ART! ITS POLITICAL! And nobody gives a crap about the corrupt two faced organization

  3. So only black lives matter in the US now then that means all those white people in power right now like biden and Pelosi don’t matter and need to be removed immediately. Two can play thos game .

  4. But it’s okay to drive your truck through 68 people , kill 8 and its okay if you’re not white. Total bull shit.

  5. Racism exists in the black community
    And it appears if we don’t take America back. This crap will continue.
    What about those they murdered The 7 yr old black girl in Atlanta Or the young black man they shot in Portland Or the young white pregnant woman they beat to death.
    Or the towns they burned or the statues they destroyed
    Folks it’s going to have to be game on Against the BLM and the judges who allow this
    Who ever said the laws were made just for white people to have to abide by ? And the facts are Blacks do more crime than white people That’s why the prisons are full. Not because white people get off. Do your homework. This is the hate group that should be labeled domestic terrorists. When the stuff hits the fan. Well it’s going to be over.


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