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WARSAW, May 13 (Reuters) – Women who have fled to Poland to escape war must have access to reproductive rights that meet international standards, including abortions, a top UNHCR official said on Friday, amid reports of rape and sexual violence in Ukraine.

Poland has some of the most restrictive abortion laws in Europe, and human rights activists have raised concerns about the difficulties victims of rape from Ukraine fleeing to the country may face if they need to terminate a pregnancy.

The article goes on to state the following:

“There are particular policies (regarding reproductive services in Poland) that we believe do not meet international standards,” assistant high commissioner for protection Gillian Triggs told a news briefing.

“Victims of sexual violence need counseling and they need assistance. In some cases they will need abortions. We will raise this with the government,” Triggs declared, vowing that they would make sure whoever needed an abortion would get one in Poland or elsewhere.

The U.N. human rights monitors were looking to verify allegations of sexual violence by Russian forces, even though Russia denies any abuse in its “special military operation” in Ukraine.

Abortion is a highly divided issue in Poland where terminations are only permitted in instances of rape, incest or when a mother’s life is at risk.

The refugees in Poland have surpassed 3.3 million.

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  1. Wtf is reproductive rights. I mean who comes up with this bull shit, it’s called birth control , or abstain , or cross your freaking legs. I’m so sick of this bullshit ( sorry for my rant )

    • If I didn’t know better I would of thought you were listening to me at my home because I have been saying the exact same thing. Especially after watching those obnoxious women protesting about SCOTUS overturning Rowe. They didn’t even understand that all Justice Alito’s draft was stating was returning it to the states. Talk about being ignorant. Did they even read it before going off the deep end? No that would of taken some effort and time away from them to go out and make total fools of themselves. I was livid just watching them. God forbid they can’t kill babies on demand and at any time during a pregnancy. What an entitled, selfish and spoiled generation academia helped create.

  2. Taking about illegals here, they want to give birth to get their child citizenship, thus they get benefits! The s is despicable to Americans.

  3. “Reproductive Rights”, eh? That sounds like the same bogus terminology used here in America. This crap, timed perfectly I must add, is the opening line for the bleeding heart leftist liberals to cry out for America to once again take refugees under her wing and give those women the almighty abortions they are in need of. F*** OFF


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