REPORT: University moves to fire tenured professor who criticized school’s woke politics

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Princeton University leadership is looking to fire a tenured classics professor citing his alleged unwillingness to cooperate fully in a sexual-misconduct investigation, but his supports say otherwise, according to the Wall Street Journal.

The outlet reports Princeton’s president sent a letter to the school’s board of trustees recommending that Professor Joshua Katz be dismissed over a previously adjudicated and settled conduct violation.

The article goes on to state the following:

Katz’s supporters claim the recommended dismissal is punishment for speaking out against the elite liberal school’s political party line.

The Journal wrote that Katz’s agitated many liberal facility when he was critical of their ideas on how to handle racism following the death of George Floyd.

The faculty penned a letter that was signed by dozens that proposed ideas on how to give professors “of color” perks such as extra time off and a summer salary.

“It boggles my mind that anyone would advocate giving people – extraordinarily privileged people already, let me point out: Princeton professors – extra perks for no reason other than their pigmentation,” Katz wrote in response to the letter.

Katz had previously been under fire for violating school policy in 2006 for a consensual sexual relationship.

Samantha Harris, lawyer for Katz, said, “If expressing an unpopular opinion is an invitation to have your personal life turned inside out looking for damaging evidence, how many people are going to be willing to speak out?”

Writer Bari Weiss tweeted Friday, “Here’s the playbook: person expresses thoughtcrime. The Puritans and the bureaucrats go digging. Then they caricature and smear the person based on their worst moment or mistake. They pretend it’s about that, but the thoughtcrime was always the thing. Joshua Katz’s wife @solveiggold told the Times: ‘Nobody wants to be seen in his presence, in his company, in his friendship.; That’s an indictment of @Princeton. Not of my friends.”

Fox News host Laura Ingram wrote, “Mob Justice Comes to the Ivy League. Disgraceful! Princeton President Recommends Firing Joshua Katz After Uproar – The New York Times.”

Dr. Nan Hayworth said, “This @Princeton alumna stands with Professor Joshua Katz.”

Sr. political analyst Brit Hume tweeted, “Princeton alumni and donors should be furious about this.”

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  1. The left continues to to tear down institutions like the boy scouts Girl Scouts churches et cetera. It’s time for us to realize that these universities are institutions as well and maybe it’s time for us to tear them down. Figuratively of course. Why do we let these people benefit from our largesse? Et al Disney.

  2. Princeton only believes one voice should be heard?? I wouldn’t work for anyone who believes in this woke crap!! Just what was in that vaccine anyways? Everyone has gone stupid!!


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