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A bust of President Abraham Lincoln and a plaque of the Gettysburg address have been removed from a Cornell University library.

“Someone complained, and it was gone,” Cornell biology professor Randy Wayne told the College Fix of the matter.

The article goes on to state the following:

The bust of Lincoln and the bronzed plaque of the former president’s historic 1863 address had been in the Kroch Library, where the university’s Division of Rare and Manuscript Collections is located, since 2013.

The professor did inquire about the missing items and the only response he received is that somebody complained.

The communications team for Cornell told Fox News Digital that the pieces were only a “temporary exhibit.”

Rebecca Valli, director of media relations at Cornell University, told Fox News Digital on Tuesday, “President Lincoln’s bust was part of a temporary exhibit on the 150th anniversary of the Gettysburg Address. The bust was on display in the Rare and Manuscript Collections from 2013 to 2021.”

Valli continued, “Cornell proudly possesses one of five known copies of the Gettysburg Address in Lincoln’s hand. The original is safely sequestered, with a digital facsimile on permanent display. Additionally, five electronic Lincoln exhibitions are available for 24/7 viewing online.”

Wayne told Fox News Digital, “When I take my students to RMC each semester, I have one of them read the original in Lincoln’s hand. I am in tears each time I hear a student read those words.”

Wayne said to College Fix, “The Gettysburg Address is an incredible speech. We have a handwritten copy in Lincoln’s hand. It is known as the Bancroft Copy. It comes with an envelope signed by Lincoln (using his franking privilege), and a letter to Bancroft, thanking him for requesting a copy of the address to put in a book to be sold for charity.”

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  1. Keep giving in to the bullies and you lose everything.
    Wasn’t it the demlibs that were so against bullying in schools? Meaning they were pushing it harder than ever. This is your product of complacency.
    This country needs a backbone!

  2. How does this happen cuz one damn person complained???

    What about us??



  3. Erasing history. Unfucking real. Our whole country will be filled with f’ing George Floyd and all the BLM people who have been killed. God have mercy on our country. I wish I could move but I have means to do so.

  4. Someone will complain about the Lincoln Monument and the will tear it down next. They are trying to destroy history, piece by piece. So sad. Our young people are losing all perspective about the founding and history of our country.

  5. It’s time to take a stand. If we do not the republic well die. Can not afford to appease these left wing hacks any longer.

  6. What a Fning disgrace to our country. Someone complains waaa waa waa so they take it away. Doesn’t anyone have any FN balls to tell them to stop whinning and get an FN life.

  7. 8 damn years is not temporary . These people all need removed from society you can’t reason with them you can’t talk yo them so we have 2 choices let them have it all because that’s what they want or get rid of them . There is no saving graces . People will have to come to terms with getting rid of 2 generations of rejects . I can’t think of anything else to do really.

  8. When are universities and establishments going to quit catering to these Looney Leftist crybabies ! You’re making matters worse by not standing your ground !

  9. So I have a question…Lincoln is credited for freeing the slaves and one moron complains and Cornell caves to this uninformed ignorant idiot. Give us all a break.

  10. Just another source of educated idiots that needs to die! These are no longer institutions of higher learning, they teach how to be stupid and get away with it!!!!

  11. Visited Gettysburg last month. Our guide mentioned that the mob has come trying to get monuments removed from that sacred ground. The only thing stopping it so far is lack of money in the budget so far. He said eventually it will happen and he hopes he’s dead as he doesn’t want to be around to see it.

  12. Someone needs these crybabies students and worthless liberal professors that no matter what they do you can’t change history!!! Makes u sick that we are raising nothing but pansy ass crybabies!!!

  13. Let’s gather all these whiny bitches, and put them in a re-education camp. Cause they didn’t learn a damn thing in life.
    If they don’t get their way, they throw a temper tantrum. I’ve seen it. This generation is a waste.

  14. Man, these people really do not know true history. Sad day for America. History books were changed in Obama’s 2nd term. Worked in th same high school Obama’s two terms. I saw it with my own eyes. All it took was 10 years to turn this generation.


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