REPORT: University scraps gender inclusion policy. Here’s why.

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The University of North Dakota has abandoned plans to implement a policy for transgender students after a state Catholic group warned parents of students at Catholic high schools about it.

The policy would have allowed students identifying as transgender to use facilities corresponding to their gender identity, require that students be addressed by their preferred pronouns, and be permitted to join fraternity and sorority groups based on their gender identity.

The article goes on to state the following:

The draft policy had been sharply criticized by the North Dakota Catholic Conference, which told parents in a letter earlier this month that when selecting a school, they should consider “the campus environment and whether it is conducive or hostile to not only the Catholic faith but also the truth about the human person.”

“Unfortunately, colleges and universities across the nation are enacting policies that not only impose flawed ideologies on students but also restrict their rights to free speech and religion,” the letter, written by Christopher Dobson, the general counsel for the North Dakota Catholic Conference, said.

“The proposed policy even requires student organizations to use preferred pronouns, accept expressed genders, and reject binary understandings of gender even if doing so conflicted with their sincerely held religious beliefs,” the letter said.

University of North Dakota President Andrew Armacost held a press conference after receiving the letter, saying Dobson’s statements had “yielded widespread confusion and misinterpretation among many people in the community.”

On Friday Armacost said the draft policy would not be implemented as “existing policies already provide equal opportunity protections to all of our campus members.”

“The conversations over the last week illustrate the importance of our strong and enduring commitment to free speech, the free exchange of ideas, and a civil dialogue, which are central to the mission of our university,” Armacost said. “This illustrates my vision for a campus where we come together to address our differences rather than driving each other apart.”


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  1. More people and religious organizations need to stand up and say “hell no you’re not getting my money”! Everyone of those places would change their tune when their finances took a hit!

  2. More leaders of Faith should be saying this to all the colleges, and schools in their areas. Alumni should be pulling their dollars from these propaganda institutions, as they are know longer a learning environment when all they want to do is push the lefts narrative at that point they are actively trying to make your kid conform to their ideology through enforcement.

  3. I’m sick of biological maids and females taking the second row for the transgendered. Again, more parents and Catholics should speak up.


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