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The U.S. and 13 other countries on Tuesday released a statement raising “concerns” with a report from a World Health Organization (WHO)-convened team into the origins of coronavirus, saying it lacked full access to the information it needed.

“We voice our shared concerns that the international expert study on the source of the SARS-CoV-2 virus was significantly delayed and lacked access to complete, original data and samples,” the countries said in a joint statement.

The article goes on to state the following:

There have long been questions raised about the independence of the WHO-convened team of experts, working jointly with Chinese scientists, and whether the Chinese government was providing full access to needed information on the origins of the virus.

On Tuesday. Jen Psaki was if the White House believes China cooperated fully with the report, she replied, “They have not been transparent, they have not provided underlying data, that certainly doesn’t qualify as cooperation.”

“We don’t believe that in our review to date that it meets the moment,” she added.


In the joint statement, the 14 countries said, “Scientific missions like these should be able to do their work under conditions that produce independent and objective recommendations and findings.”

“Going forward, there must now be a renewed commitment by WHO and all Member States to access, transparency, and timeliness,” the joint statement added.

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  1. The moment? Psaki, where has your head been all this time??
    She said that China is not being transparent!
    The Obiden administration definitely knows what not being transparent means!!!!!
    The only thing transparent is the Obiden administration totally destroying the U.S.

  2. WHO deliberately waited before going to China to investigate was because China told them to. When investigators finally went so much time had passed that all the real testing documentation was destroyed or moved to a secure location and time to put data in place to say it came from the wild. I truly believe that WHO is complicit with China in the devastation due to the virus.

  3. This virus was intentionally let out by China and probably the US as well for population control, for getting rid of people burdening the health insurance system and basically for CONTROL over all of us.

  4. Anyone who would believe anything the WHO puts out there is ignorant. They are so in bed with China like a lot of our politicians.


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