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The U.S. women’s soccer team was among the squads on Wednesday to kneel before their matches in protest of racism, discrimination and inequality as the Olympics officially got underway.

The U.S. and Sweden teams took a knee before their match. An official blew a whistle and all the players dropped to one knee. According to Yahoo Sports, at least one referee on the field also took a knee.

The article goes on to state the following:

“It’s an opportunity for us to continue to use our voices and use our platforms to talk about the things that affect all of us intimately in different ways,” Megan Rapinoe said after their 3-0 loss to Sweden.

After losing the match with Sweden, the U.S. Soccer team tweeted, “Not the start we wanted but plenty of tournament to play. We go again on Saturday.”

Many Twitter users blasted the U.S. team for kneeling before the game.

“They’ve clearly been practicing kneeling more than their soccer skills,” mocked one person.

“Maybe stop kneeling and be proud of playing for your country because I’m sure others would be happy to play for this . 🇺🇸,” Mike Proviano tweeted.

Clifton French slammed the U.S. team, tweeting, “Maybe your priorities should be playing soccer instead of hating the country you’re representing and pushing communist ideology. I’ve never rooted for the US to lose anything. I’m rooting for this team to lose every game.”

Another Twitter user tweeted, “Headline: A group of women who represent the USA, but won’t stand for the national anthem, lose a soccer game. I’m sure we could find some women who love this country and would only give up two goals.”

Clinton accuser Juanita Broaddrick tweeted, “Who else loves that the US Ladies Soccer team got their asses handed to them on a Swedish platter?”

“I will not support or celebrate any US Olympian or US Olympic team who disrespect America,” Broaddrick vowed.

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  1. Sorry I hope they lose every game! They don’t deserve to be playing and representing the US… they should sign up to play for ChIIna

  2. I love Soccer… but this isn’t soccer when you have ignorant and disrespectful players! Won’t watch anymore and I’m glad they lost! They deserved it!

  3. I am so sick of these clueless people. No honey, that is not what your platfor is for. Go represent another country. We do not want you representing ours. I am through with all of you narcissitic people.

  4. I feel like the US is ailing from the 70s hippy nonsense all over again. I guess it’s inevitable to go through this every 30 or so years. 😖

  5. I’m boycotting the NFL NBA NASCAR and any sport including the Olympics that disrespect the American Flag or our National Anthem and I hope that do show disrespect lose every game or competition

  6. Last year playing as a USA team member.
    Pack your bags and move the the absolutely most non racist inclusive nation you can find.
    Better yet how about we as USA “sponsor” you all with a one way ticket to Cuba?
    Take BLM…antifa …and the squad with you. As a bonus so you have a couple grannies to tuck you all in at night, wipe your noses and read you tales from the Communist manifesto at bedtime we’ll throw in Pelosi and Waters

  7. Soooo glad I do not watch or support sports anymore. The clowns continue to destroy what’s left of America and someday they will regret what they have done. MOST protesters are clueless to why they are actually protesting however they want to appear “cool” and part of the team. This entire movement is to lift up a culture that could care less and anyone thinking otherwise is naive or just plain ignorant

  8. This is not the way to protest for what you feel or think you have been wronged. It looks to me like you all are attention grabbers. Nobody cares about if you neel. All it does is show disrespect and hatred for your Country. Nobody is keeping you here, so move if you don’t love America. I have stopped watching sports because I am embarrassed watching you morons neel for a cause that could be protested in a different way.

  9. I too hope they lose every game. The United States is the best country anyone could every be lucky enough to be part of. These women and anyone else that disrespects our country needs to go spend time in Cuba and any other communist country. They will soon respect what they have been lucky enough to be a part of.

  10. What a disgrace to Americans. What happened to the notion that the Olympics remain apolitical?

    These traitors should head directly to China where they can enjoy hating America with the other communists.

  11. Let them pay their own damn way to the olympics if they’re going to protest. Jesse Owens was such a class athlete, these people not so much.

  12. I think the contracts of future competitors in the US Olympics or Paralympics should include a clause stating they will be disqualified and barred from any future games if they take a knee, hold up a fist, etc.

    The games are to foster worldwide peace and goodwill, not to air grievances against their own country, or against another country. It’s unsportsmanlike conduct.

    I will not watch any of their games, as I have NO respect for any of these kneelers. They’re anathema to me.

  13. They are a huge embarrassment to the United States of America. They do not deserve any of the blessings our wonderful country affords its citizens. Get out of our country and don’t let the door hit you in your ungrateful rumps‼️ Now go…..

  14. Pray you don’t loose and be sent to Colombia afterwards. Colombia does not like loosing their soccer games. Some of these athletes do not know how lucky they are to be able to represent one of the most charitable and forgiving countries in the world. I love soccer but I will not watch the women’s United States soccer team again because they do not represent what this great country has done for me.

  15. “It’s an opportunity for us to continue to use our voices and use our platforms to talk about the things that affect all of us intimately in different ways,” Megan Rapinoe said after their 3-0 loss to Sweden.“

    Yes! It affects me in a different way…it makes me angrier and ashamed of you. It’s disgraceful,disrespectful, and ignorant on your part! You should be disqualified! It’s a shame that you will never experience the love of country as I have if you continue this mindset!

  16. 🤣🤣🤣🤮🤮🤮🤮Super glad they lost. Hope they win nothing & that’s for any team that does this crap. Especially the pouty moron with purple hair. Even her mouth doesn’t want to be on her. Anyone taking a knee needs kicked out. If you can’t show respect for the country then move to another country and play for them . I won’t watch. Nothing but scum


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