REPORT: USDA proposes nutrition changes to school meals [VIDEO]

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The Agriculture Department on Friday proposed new nutrition standards for school meals that would impose the first limit on added sugar in lunches and breakfasts served by school cafeterias.

The proposal also seeks to lower sodium levels and puts more of an emphasis on whole-grain products in school meals. It aims to improve the health of millions of students at a time when childhood obesity has risen dramatically, with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimating that nearly 20% of children and adolescents have obesity.

The suggested nutrition changes, which would be implemented gradually over years, are part of a national strategy on hunger, nutrition and health announced by the Biden administration in September.

In a statement on Friday, Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack said, “Our commitment to the school meal programs comes from a common goal we all share, keeping kids healthy and helping them reach their full potential. Many children aren’t getting the nutrition they need, and diet-related diseases are on the rise.”

The proposal plans to start in the fall of 2024, calling for meals to offer primarily whole-grain products.

Then in the fall of 2025, it would limit high-sugar products like yogurt, cereal, chocolate milk, and other flavored milk. It would also reduce the weekly sodium limit for breakfast and lunch by 10%, continuing its decline in the years to follow.

And in the fall of 2027, added sugars in breakfasts and lunches would be restricted to less than 10% of the total calories per week.

“This is definitely a step in the right direction. We’d like to see the final rule go a little further,” said Megan Lott, a registered dietitian and the deputy director of the Healthy Eating Research program at Duke University.

“We found that these strong nutrition standards really benefit kids. By serving healthier meals in schools, we have the opportunity to improve kids’ health and diet quality, reducing overweight and obesity rates, decreasing food insecurity, and there is evidence to show that kids perform better academically when the meals are healthier,” Lott said.


In September, the White House tweeted a link to their new strategy and wrote, “Today, the Biden-Harris Administration released the White House National Strategy on Hunger, Nutrition, and Health – with the goal of ending hunger in America and increasing healthy eating and physical activity by 2030.”

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  1. The last time they did this, namely Michelle Obama, they made the school meals inedible. My daughter often comes home super hungry because the food is aweful. She’s not a picky eater, she’s an athlete & eats healthy with no issues or intolerances. Sometimes the food is even rancid, rotten or UNDERcooked!

  2. Why is the federal government controlling what should be the State’s business, again?? The feds need to have LESS control, not more. But the Dems are all about control. We are losing our freedoms little by little, but too many of voting age are not paying attention and won’t notice until it’s too late (and if Biden stays in office till the end of his term, it WILL be too late.)

  3. Maybe they need to stop poisioning us with whatever they’re adding to our food and the feed that the animals are eating. That might be a better start

  4. They want to end hunger by ruining our crops, eggs, meat? And continue poisoning us with the chemicals they put in our food and water? Oh yeah that’s really healthy. Agriculture? Really? Who’s going to make all the money here? Some plan they’re cooking up with BG? I’m all for feeding our kids healthier but why don’t they let our kids have three 30 minute breaks a day for recess where they can go outside and run around instead of sitting for 6 hours? They say that’s bad when adults sit at a computer all day but they don’t care if kids are sitting all day. They can feed them the healthiest foods but if they don’t exercise it’s not fully helping the obese problem. There are so many contradictions to the story.

  5. Trust these clowns with your food supply? Read some of the food labels to see the poison that’s in some of this garbage. Soylent green is a step away, watch it to refresh your memory or if you have never see it. Of course the sheepeople won’t get it or blow it off like everything else.

  6. I work in a school cafeteria and they already do most of that. If it wasn’t for spices the food would be bland. It’s more like a cardiac diet. I have a thought. How about leave the kids alone!!!

  7. Hey wait, I thought Michelle my Belle solved all of this when she was first lady?? 🤣😂 What happened to her vegetable garden? My guess is we’ll be talking about changing this again in another ten years. Anything to spend more taxpayer money on stupid stuff.

  8. Democrats again changing our school kids food. Does anyone remember the fiasco when Michelle Obama did this? My good friend was a cafeteria manager. She actually refused to follow it. She said the food wasn’t good at all. Most of it ended up in the garbage. Let’s leave the food decisions to those that actually know about nutrition and what foods they know the children will eat.


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