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ROME — The Vatican threatened its unvaccinated workers Wednesday while Pope Francis prayed for all those who have lost their jobs during the pandemic.

The governor of Vatican City State has decreed that employees must possess a “super green pass” attesting to vaccination against the coronavirus or proof of having recovered from the disease if they wish to continue working.

The article goes on to state the following:

Those who attempt to go to work without the vaccine passport will be turned away and the missed time will be considered an unjustified absence without pay, the decree states. If the absence from work continues, employees will be liable for further penalties including loss of their jobs.

The report notes that on the same day the decree was released, the Pope ironically made the following statement: “In these times of pandemic, many people have lost their jobs — we know this — and some, crushed by an unbearable burden, reached the point of taking their own lives. I would like to remember each of them and their families today. Let us take a moment of silence, remembering these men, these women, who are desperate because they cannot find work.”

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    • I beg your pardon! I am a Catholic and a Republican as so many of my friends! Who is the racist now! Do not put peoples in boxes as we are all individuals with our own minds! I do not believe this is the real Pope but I am still a Catholic no matter who the Pope is and I would like an apology!

      • Why are you a Catholic if you disagree with your churches agenda? Seems to me if your a free thinker then you should think about the evil the church is doing. Time to decide whom you will serve. God or man. Right or wrong. No apologies coming. It’s up to you to choose your master. The God of heaven or the god of this earth (satan). Jesus saves your soul, not Catholicism.

    • ? Most Democrats I know are Jewish. And voted for Biden .

      As a Catholic you are so out of touch .This is no my pope or none of the people I talk to .

      This pos is going to hell and is no where near a man of cloth .

      Democrats are Satanist and Communist

  1. This Pope is a piece of shit. All Christians especially Catholics need to know where they stand with this evil fuck. He is not a man of the cloth. He doesn’t walk in christ shoes. Instead he follows the footsteps of Satan.

  2. This pope is right up there with obiden and his Regime. On one hand he prays the other he enables Satans goal what a Hypocrite Evil Deepstate 😈

  3. Sounds like a veiled threat . Yes, Jesus was a carpenter and he relied on God not man.
    God is not the author of confusion and these mandates , suppressed information , hiding what is actually in these “shots” for 75 years is a bit of a problem for the common man.
    Religious exemptions (although not given) is recognized even by our corrupt government.
    Curious why the Pope doesn’t recognize religious exemption.
    Remember these are the same people that brought you the Spanish Inquisition.
    Certainly blood on their hands.

  4. He prays for people that he fires ,this is disgusting . They are a bunch of frightened old men running from gods will because let’s be real folks people made this and god gave us free will so it is on him to decide. Jesus worked with the lepers the modern day lepers are the righteous unwanted those who haven’t bowed to the evil society. Those who wish to use God’s will and decide for themselves. This pope and all who push this Vax will burn for their evil. Time for thos version of the church to go broke.

  5. Ginger – yes indeed a ” man of the cloth” NOT recognizing religious exemptions doesnt that beat all !! Esp since the components of this ” vax” include cells from ABORTIONS.

  6. God is going to bury this mutherfucker so far in Hell, his screams will be nothing more than resounding echos!
    I’m sure as the people die from hunger and lack of shelter, this Evil Bastard will blame God!


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