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A former Virginia Tech football player was acquitted of beating his male Tinder date to death after claiming the hook-up had lied about being a woman then performed oral sex on him.

Isimemen Etute, 19, was found not guilty of a charge of second-degree murder in the 2021 death of Jerry Smith, 40, of Blacksburg, Virginia.

The article goes on to state the following:

Etute says he visited the victim last year to engage in oral sex with a woman he believed to be named ‘Angie,’ but who was actually Smith.

According to Etute, Smith hid his face during intercourse.

Etute began to doubt Smith’s identity, but when Smith invited Etute over again, he decided to go to find out whether Smith was a male or a female, police said.

An altercation took place, and Etute felt mortally threatened when he thought Smith was reaching for a gun.

“Smith did not own a gun, but police reported finding a knife between the man’s mattress and box spring,” the Mail reported. “Etute said he punched Smith five times and kicked him to gain time to escape the apartment. As the football player was leaving, prosecutors say, Etute heard ‘bubbling and gurgling’ coming from Smith but did not call the police.”


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  1. I am sure Etute knew very well he was going to have an encounter with a man. He fits the profile of a hyper testosterone macho male struggling with homosexuality.

    He most likely had sex via the “glory hole”. In the dark sex world, pervs put out ads they will perform fellatio through a hole in a door, makeshift wall or curtain inside a residence. Weird. Someone like Utete would be instructed to arrive at the address (hotel/house/apt) and the door would be unlocked. They are insteucted to place their penis through the hole. No words are to be exchanged.

    Anyone involved in this knows 99% of the time, the host of the glory hole is a man. I worked LaPD Vice for 3 years and saw this many times.

    I think Utete was afraid of being outed so he went back to get assurance or threaten Smith. Then things got crazy.

  2. White man would have been found Guilty , oh its agood time to be a Black Criminal in America……….

  3. The guy was a man who lied about being a woman! Yeah he had it coming. The guy got off for beating his tormentor..swxual intercourse with aman you tbough was a woman the entire time..That is mental and emotional torment. This is what makes people so sick. Say if it was a white guy and not a black guy who did this the outcome for the charges may be different. But that white guy is guilty and died as a repercussion forcing about who they really are. If that was you don’t tell me you wouldn’t be that pissed off to beat them? May be he didn’t mean to beat him to death..the shock of it all. That’s adrenaline. These freaks rape chidlren and call it “preferred sexual preference” and want to make it legal to pray on children, why else are they pushing their sick perversion on children? It is the same mentality. These trans people hare sexual deviants. What if it was your child? What if you were in this young man’s shoes?


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