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ARLINGTON, Virginia — Pro-abortion protesters outside George Mason University’s Antonin Scalia Law School Thursday afternoon called for “mandatory vasectomies” and claimed that “the Bible itself tells you how to perform abortions.”

About 30 abortion advocates gathered outside the front entrance to the law school in Arlington, Virginia, to protest an address set to be given by Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito at the school.

The article goes on to state the following:

The address was being given by Alito remotely from the court building while fallout from a draft opinion overturing infamous pro-abortion case Roe v. Wade — written by Alito — was leaked, leading leftists to gather outside justices homes to protest.

“The Bible itself tells you how to perform abortions,” said a speaker who said she got an abortion as she stood next to her young daughter, claimed. “It talks about … performing abortions in numerous aspects.”

She later asked other protesters if there was legislation to mandate vasectomies, the initiated a chant of, “mandatory vasectomies!”


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  1. I don’t know what Bible they’re reading but there’s nowhere in the Bible that abortion is ok !!
    Unborn child is a gift from God !!
    Just making up lies to justify their actions!

  2. So once again, my body my choice but not for you. We went through the CoVid19, now they want vasectomy. Here’s a better idea for te radical left – abstain abstain abstain. Who said you’re entitled to have sex.

  3. I guess my body, my choice is only for people who want to murder the most innocent of all! This full on attack on unborn babies makes me sick! If you don’t want to have a baby, DONT HAVE SEX!! Problem solved!

  4. As they stand there with signs “my body me choice” & telling guys they have to have mandatory vasectomies! Oh the irony of stupidity. And then you have all of a sudden the Bible has relevance to them about the ways to abort a baby. If that’s the case, follow the other ways who needs a facility? What happened to brain cells in these people? Unfortunately, my grown children are as like-minded as this bunch. The universities tainted my family. It is beyond disgusting.

  5. Hopefully her daughter understands that she doesn’t love her since she would have happily killed her if she thought she would have been an inconvenience. Any woman who has an abortion , never regrets it and celebrates it, are proving they are mentally unfit to be a parent. I haven’t figured out why these nut jobs blame men for all pregnancies….in 97 % of abortions, the woman willingly participated in having sex. They should be promoting and encouraging tubal ligation, not vasectomies.

    • And if you have one abortion. You are required to have your uterus removed so you can no longer have another abortion.


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