REPORT: WH won’t say if Biden OK with search of doc trove

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WASHINGTON — The Biden administration kept silent Tuesday about whether the president would approve a search of his Senate records at the University of Delaware after even more classified documents were found Friday at his Wilmington home.

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) called for the search Monday after the FBI’s Friday hunt through Biden’s home turned up sensitive items dating to his Senate years in addition to even more records from his vice presidency.

The Post asked Jean-Pierre at her regular briefing for a response for Cruz’s call to pore over the roughly 1,850 boxes of Biden’s Senate papers and 415 gigabytes of electronic files that Biden gifted in 2012 to his undergraduate alma mater.

“When it comes to the documents and this ongoing legal matter, I refer you to the White House counsel’s office,” Jean-Pierre replied.

Fox News’Peter Doocy asked, “After a special counsel was named, but before the FBI searched, President Biden went to his house in Wilmington. What was he doing in there?”

“I would refer you to the White House counsel,” Jean-Pierre replied.

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  1. jean-pierre, afraid to answer as you would have to tell a lie for the liar-in-thief, con-man, treasonous bastard, resident in thief, commander of nothing. OK! Where is the transparency joe promised?

  2. There is no truthful answer this person could provide for just about any question asked. She must be getting paid an obscene amount of money to make a fool of herself every day. A few more obscene paychecks, extra resume features, & “experience” and KJP will comfortably retire.

  3. Why is he still in charge????? WTF ?? If it were you or me you would be locked up and never seen again… FJB I hope he burns …

  4. Well it’s about time that dementia Biden is now scared and I cannot believe all these democrats idiots that voted for him and of course they loved all the inflations and lived Biden for bringing all these criminal cartels into our beautiful country USA and they Biden for destroying our country. Well all you evil bad evil Democrats go to hell both asshole dumb Biden.


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