REPORT: White House drafts memo defending Afghanistan withdrawal

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A spokesperson for President Biden’s National Security Council drafted a memo this week defending the administration’s withdrawal from Afghanistan, writing that the president “refused to send another generation of Americans to fight a war that should have ended long ago,” according to a copy of the document obtained by Fox News Digital.

It comes as Republicans on the House Foreign Affairs Committee are preparing to release a report critical of the withdrawal, accusing the administration of failing to evacuate some U.S.-trained Afghan military personnel and potentially creating a major national security risk.

The article goes on to state the following:

The White House memo called the Republicans’ review a “partisan report” that is “riddled with inaccurate characterizations, cherry-picked information, and false claims.”

National Security Council spokesperson Adrienne Watson wrote in the report, “Bringing our troops home strengthened our national security by better positioning us to confront the challenges of the future and put the United States in a stronger place to lead the world. It freed up critical military, intelligence, and other resources to ensure we are better poised to respond to today’s threats to international peace and stability.”

The memo explained that the president inherited a deal worked out by the Trump administration that called for a complete withdrawal by May 2021, but Biden pushed the date back to April 2021.

Essentially the White House’s memo focuses on the deal, essentially casting blame on the Trump administration for the botched withdrawal.

The National Security Council spokesperson wrote in the report “Former President Trump’s 2020 agreement with the Taliban empowered the Taliban, weakened our partners in the Afghan government, and committed to withdrawing our troops a few months after President Biden’s inauguration — with no clear plan for what should come next.”

Meanwhile, Texas Republican Rep. Michael McCaul White said in a Sunday interview with CBS “The intelligence community got it right. The problem was the White House and … State Department putting their head in the sand, not wanting to believe what they were saying and therefore not adequately planning.”

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  1. The Doha Accord was mostly holding. The Taliban stopped attacking Americans as we drew down our forces. Biden broke the Doha Accord by unilaterally postponing the withdrawal date to September 11. He then changed it again to August 31, even as the country was falling to the Taliban. His bungling in Afghanistan may go down in history as the most epic and ignominious “presidential” fail ever.

  2. Too little too late. When are they going to bring those 800 Americans home they left behind?
    Until that is done, there is no defense or saying they did well.

  3. The Democrats politicians are still not hearing their mistakes. Trump would have withdrawn as well, BUT. It like what the Biden’s Administration did! Your dumbocraps politicians handled it horribly! And because of that, 13 soldiers were killed! All 13 soldiers who were not even born or just toddlers when 9/11 hit. The only one that was the oldest was one soldier at that time in 2001 was 10 to 11 years old who really remembers 9/11. Now, all dead on your watch Biden! I say that literally because all you did was look at your watch repeatedly during the fallen soldiers ceremony. Shame on you and shame on your administration. We all know that Milley kept saying he doesn’t know what took place in Afghanistan with our equipments left behind, but Trump let it known that Miley wanted to leave our equipment there because it would be cheaper! I want to know whose idea to leave the Americans behind! Talk about cold hearted. If this does not wake up the Democrats voters that you don’t give a fig about the American people, than the Democrats voters are more demential than Joe himself!

    • Agree 1000%. Just why is the liar in thief, dumb ass donkey butt. commander of nothing, on a two week vacation after a two day work week.
      Staying away so he didn’t have lie about the raid on Mar-a-Lago when we know he knew about it. joe is a useless POS with shit for brains.

    • And whose idea was it to track an aid worker transporting canisters of water, and drop a bomb on him and seven children? No one held responsible for that. Milley should have been tried and thrown in jail! Instead they just brushed it off. Those poor innocent victims.

  4. 13 dead AMERICAN PATRIOTS is on the maggot joe biden. Explain that, loser. $93 billion in left behind military equipment for the Taliban to seize. Explain that loser

  5. There are no words that adequately describe the depth and extent of the utter failure of the Biden administration and his cadre of supporters in the halls of Congress. They will do all they can to bury this huge debacle, but history will show this for what it is and they will NOT find forgiveness in the minds of future generations any more than they do now. It will not matter what they say or print, or how widely disseminated the lies are.

  6. When Leader of Russia Putin looked at Joe Biden and General Mark Milley withdrawal from Afghanistan he knew it was perfect time to invade Ukraine. Do the Democrats realize their cheating in the election did grave harm to this country by electing Joe Biden. Then to think the Biden administration actual tried to justify how their withdrawal was done properly is beyond scary. Hopefully the Republicans get their act together and make sure WE THE PEOPLE get our true vote back. Should we feel sorry for Joe Biden for being so stupid or maybe the Tar and feather routine would be more appropriate.

  7. Biden needs to step up and say he screwed it up or the person advising him needs to. Everyone except his die hard supporters know this whole thing was botched.

  8. As soon as I saw the WH released a memo on Afghanistan, I wondered WHO they were going to BLAME this time? Regardless if Republicans “cherry picked” info, the outcome was still 13 young lives were taken, many troups and allies left behind and zillions of dollars in military equipment left behind. What an utter, historic failure!

  9. There us no defense for Afghanistan. And the way Biden is handling foreign policy, our troops *will* be thrust into another war. Not only that, but we are giving BILLIONS TO Ukraine, and arming a notoriously corrupt country. Add to that, Biden, Kerry and the other idiots in charge is sidling up to countries that want to destroy us, like Iran, and China. I believe it’s on purpose. And I believe it’s because China has the goods in Biden and his son (whole creepy family, actually). He is compromised. And so is Pelosi, McConnell, Feinstein, Swalwell, and others in our Congress. Disgusting traitors to this country.

  10. Face the fact that you screwed up, biden should have used trumps plan to evacuate,but he thinks he knows better and your worthless generals,you got 13 military people killed,left weapons,vehicles, at the time military dogs, people, high school kids,we won’t forget what how worthless biden is!

  11. American military and Afghan civilians dead on your watch pedo Joe. Billions of dollars worth of military equipment left to our enemies. Americana left behind. Afghan helpers left behind.
    Then you allow unvetted Afghan military age males into our country.
    Yeah good job assholes.

  12. When you have the military first withdraw, leave American equipment, and Afghanis clinging to planes taking off then I would say you have a botched withdrawal!
    And of course Biden and his cohorts blame Trump and never take any responsibility for their actions!
    And what do you expect from a demented president when he falls three times on the steps of a plane, can’t put his coat on and doesn’t remember shaking hands!!!!??

  13. What difference does it make from this point????
    Fred, it makes a huge difference. We learn from our blundering president and never make that mistake again. And we vote those incompetent politicians out who are wrecking havoc on our United States!!


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