REPORT: White Students Barred from ‘Womxn of Colour’ Retreat at University

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As the most reliable and balanced news aggregation service on the internet, DML News App offers the following information published by Breitbart:

White students at Iowa State University are barred from an upcoming “Womxn of Color” retreat that has the support of faculty.

The “Womxn of Colour” retreat, which is set to take place in April, is described as “a one-day event open to all women of color students on campus.”

Bria Felix, the president of the Womxn of Colour network, told the Iowa State Daily, “This retreat is very special to our executive board because usually it is planned by an entire faculty team,” signaling that the racially exclusive event is supported by faculty members.

The university website states that “The Womxn of Colour Network (WOCN) was established in 2011 to support womxn students of colour at Iowa State.”

The website further adds:

“The Womxn of Colour Network Retreat is a signature program supported by the Margaret Sloss Center for Women and Gender Equity in partnership with the Office for Multicultural Student Affairs, the Womxn of Colour Network student organization, as well as other campus advocates, student groups, and departments.”

The WOCN also hosted a “WOC Meet and Greet.” The event description reads: “Women of color faculty, students, staff, and post-docs are invited to network, fellowship, and learn about opportunities to be involved with the 2023 Women of Color Retreat.”

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  1. Are these people blind to their racist attitude? Imagine if white women did this? They would massacre us for doing what they are dong. Excluding women because they are the wrong color. Hypocrites! So sick of the blind double standards.

  2. If the shoe was on the other foot, it would be deemed racist! Just because they’re black, they can exclude whites and it’s not considered racist?! I called that bullshit.

  3. What about the Asian, Mexican, and other women of color. What if we did this for only White Women. What would they do? Scream and create chaos? Protest in the streets for days? Outrageous.

  4. Well- the way this country is backtracking- disguised as progression- I visualize a white only retreat. What exactly is white, black anyways? We’re all mixed. These colleges are beyond ignorant. No credibility at all. They lost.Serioul- that event there needs to get a HEFTY fine for violation of basic human rights. This made me angry – only because it is absurd. All my grandchildren are mixed Latino or Black. Some look all white and some look mainly black. The Mexican just looks Middle Eastern. This skin color crap is so archaic. The once great revered learning establishments are truly ignorant and causing American anger.

  5. They should be sued we ended segregation, however the racist democrats are trying to bring it back Democrats have always been the racist in society

  6. Martin Luther King fought for desegregation and now these new people of color want to be segregated I don’t know what he would think if he came back for one day the poor man would be in total shock everything he stood for is going away not because of us but because of people of his own color disgraceful.

    • I agree. It’s sad but it appears blacks want to desegregate from white Americans and take all the other non whites with regardless of their feelings. Yes< MLK Jr would be shocked.

  7. It will never end as long as it us tolerated. Stop all special treatment/ privileges, affirmative action. It will only be more, more, more. It’s a psychological problem that those who are losers have. ENOUGH! Let everyone compete by merit and ability.

  8. This country is sooo racist!! That’s why Oprah is the highest paid talk show host and was on for years! That’s why Whoopi gets on there everyday and tells horrendous lies. That’s why the NBA and NFL players are mainly black. Thstms why we had a 2 term corrupt black
    President that stole the hearts of Americans to only be a rabid wolf. Try again media. This race baiting shot doesn’t make sense!!!!! Let’s just go all
    Out Black…. They tried that shit. in the Middle East with Kevin Hart and they said He’ll to the No. we’re all being played. It’s about money- always has been. That is how slavery existed. Make sure you know the story
    Of the Irish too!!! Bitches

  9. Let’s just go ahead and bring back total segregation in everything. Easier that way. We all know where we stand.
    I think only white women should compete in Miss AMERICA contest since the black ladies have Miss Black AMERICA. I think only white peoples should get white sponsored college scholarship money because blacks have the United Negro college fund. I could go on and on. Even the black people are demanding to win more awards at the Oscars whether they deserve it or not. Also if blacks only can get reparations in California whites should demand equal money in some other state, especially one that has been heavy on welfare. Lastly I demand that half of every NFL and NBA and WNBA be composed of white people even if their not as talented.
    See how ridiculous we’ve become because of color!!!!

    • So true!! Complaints that not enough head coaches are black. I have never heard complaints that most players were black.

  10. Hair weaves, long fingernails and how to look white is most likely on their racist agenda. Just imagine if whites on campus tried this. Pathetic ignorant fools

  11. White girls.. Heres on STOP DATING BLACK MEN.

  12. I am not hateful person but, I think they should sue because of the segregation and racism of the group. Than I would not show up! What BS!! This is really disrespectful to everyone.


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