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No one has died with the new super mutant Omicron Covid variant despite the strain being spotted in 38 countries, the World Health Organization (WHO) has revealed .

The US and Australia became the latest countries to confirm locally transmitted cases of the variant, as Omicron infections pushed South Africa’s total cases past three million.

The article goes on to state the following:

And India confirmed its third Omicron infection today, with cases also now spotted in Sri Lanka, South Korea and Malaysia.

The WHO said there has been no reports of deaths related to Omicron, but there are still concerns that it could spread fast and cause widespread infection. The WHO said it may not know for weeks how infectious the variant is or if it will cause severe illness or succumb to known treatments and vaccines.

“We’re going to get the answers that everybody out there needs,” WHO emergencies director Michael Ryan said.

Meanwhile the UK is tightening its travel rules, requiring those traveling to the country to test negative for the virus before their departure.

BREAKING: UK tightens travel rules amid Omicron, announces new requirement

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  1. It’s not that bad according to the doctor that’s been treating it it’s like the flu. The Democrats are the fear mongers and want to do another lockdown around Christmas to really really hurt American businesses and the citizens of the USA. We must start fighting back. Stop the madness Biden stay out of my life

  2. If you change the letters around in Omicron – you not only get MORONIC – you also get ONCOMIR which is a micro RNA that causes cancer. Coincidence? YOU decide.

    Fauci says that the fully vaccinated and unvaccinated can catch the OMICRON and that cases have ONLY been detected in vaccinated people.

    The Moronic variant has now been found in Australia and New Zealand. Neither country allows the unvaccinated to leave or enter the country. Conclusion: The source of transmission is the vaccinated.

  3. Fkn stupid cases cases cases … thats all they talk about. Imagine if they tested for the flu? It would “look” scary as F.
    The brainwashing needs to stop.

  4. There is no test for omicron or any of the variants. They diagnose it based on symptoms. The PCR tests were EUA and are being discontinued in Jan because they can’t tell the difference between the flu and Covid. This is all more fear mongering. No one has died from omicron but they’re screaming from the rooftops that it’s coming! How does anyone take this seriously anymore?

  5. This is propaganda and I say again propaganda. I hope the American people stand up to this. The government is trying to shut us down again. Christmas is upon us trumps coming back and this variant is going to be all over the news to cover up what’s happening. Merry Christmas everyoneAnd remember what Christmas is all about.Stand up and fight and don’t let this rule government steal this from our children.

  6. But Biden, Harris, and Fauci say this a issuer, we must lock down,wear 3 masks, get the vaccine and follow the Science- Dr. I am the Science – well according to the WHO – NOT

  7. Who really goes to the doctor for a cold? I noticed that they said no deaths from it so that means even in Africa where it was found there were no deaths but they still want everyone to fear it as if it will cause you to drop dead as soon as you’re told you’re positive just like they did with the original. Get and you die was the motto of the left and the fool Fauci!


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