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Most professional Democrats and other college-educated liberals would agree that former president Donald Trump, in the words of the New York Times editorial board, is “the greatest threat to American democracy since World War II.” Some might take offense at the suggestion that World War II was a greater threat than Trump, and insist on invoking the Civil War. In any event, these people were terrified at the thought of Trump beating Joe Biden in 2020. What seems to terrify them even more is the thought that Trump won’t run again in 2024.

Barry Goodman, a Democratic donor who served on Biden’s national finance committee during the 2020 campaign, recently told the Washington Post that he and many other party donors are “praying that Trump runs.” Because Trump is an existential threat to democracy, Goodman argued, American voters “are not going to put that despot in office one more time,” no matter who Democrats nominate in 2024. If that sounds familiar, it’s because some Democrats made the exact same argument in 2016.

The article goes on to state the following:

The Lincoln Project, a disgraced Democratic super PAC and neo-Nazi cosplay troupe, is actively working to ensure that Trump runs and wins the nomination. “We believe if we narrow the field and it’s only Trump in 2024, it’s an easy choice for Americans to say ‘no,'” Lincoln Project cofounder Rick Wilson told CNN.

The Free Beacon notes that liberal networks are missing the money they made from bashing Trump, and explained that CNN has lost nearly 80 percent of its audience since Trump left the Oval Office in January.

“CNN executives probably wouldn’t even be that bothered if Trump won in 2024,” the Free Beacon writes, adding that Trump running again would be a financial windfall for practically every organization that is opposed to him.

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  1. It’s Stunning that they call Trump a dictator or a threat to democracy when we can all see that is exactly what they are. And we are just one year into it.

  2. Greatest President in my book, he will run in 2024 and blow them all away. By the way – incorrect – please get it right, it is DemocrAT, NOT DemocratIC. My pet peeve.

    • It’s not DemOrats. It’s now called”socialist Communist party. The Democrats are long dead, when they committed Treason by rigging the election.

  3. For those highly educated people they have no clue about WWII. As a history freak on all the wars I’ve watched thousands of historians speak on each war and have read countless history books. The threat is you. The Progressives you like and the things they and their followers have said remind of Stalin, Lenin, and Trotsky all rolled into one.

  4. Most democrats are lying pos!!! Trump is going to be back in office as soon as we impeach Biden and Harris! And they must be impeached! 2 of the top criminals in this administration! Period!!!

    • People please remember that these cheater’s are trying to pass a law that gives federal government control of elections. So don’t get to excited. That’s one thing that is in the Build Back Better Bill ( the huge pile of flaming garbage bill). Start praying and call your Senators and tell them you do not support this bill.

  5. Democrats actually praying? To whom/what?

    Trump was not a polarizing political figure until the Deep State-controlled Mockingbird media demonized him in 2016. Nominating a different candidate will only lead to the same kind of abuse and vilification if s/he is an outsider political figure beyond Deep State control.

    Trump will be president again by March 2023. The GOP will sweep the 2022 elections, and the new GOP Congress will elect Trump Speaker of the House before impeaching Biden-Harris, allowing Trump to succeed the Usurper in a fully constitutional manner. Trump will then be free to run for re-election in 2024, “answering the Democrats’ prayers” with a landslide election victory.

    And pretending Trump was some sort of despot is ridiculous. Trump just stepped down as president even though the evidence clearly showed he’d won the election handily but had it stolen from him through fraud assisted by various hostile foreign governments. The president therefore had ample justification for invoking E.O. 13838, which would have allowed him to make mass arrests and confiscate property. He had strong justification for declaring martial law in the contested swing states and ordering new elections. Over several months of Leftwing rioting and anarchy in Democrat-dominated cities, the president had the option to declare an insurrection and suspend habeas corpus, but he never did. So the idea that he was a despot is ludicrous. It’s also pretty rich coming from the same side that favors big government, gun confiscation, social media censorship, cancel culture, and “reprogramming” for Trump supporters.

  6. I think the crazy left are more evil than depicted in this article. I think the unknowns will run as Republicans but are truly democrats. Trump will get out there and cheer them on for their positions. Once in power their true colors will shine evil bastards. Trump can’t run. He must support someone else like cruz and Hawley. They are conservatives and know the system.

    • Just being a conservative isn’t enough. I think the candidate has to have a Trump spine. Only Dasantis of Florida has demonstrated anything close to Trump. Bottom line is, there is no substitute for Donald Trump in that he’s the only one who can wrestle control of the party back from the Bush brothers. All of the betrayal we see from the RINOs lead back to the Bush wing of the party.


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