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The Will Smith movie Emancipation, which is backed by Apple Studios, won’t film in Georgia as originally planned in protest of the state’s recently passed voter integrity law, making it the first major Hollywood production to boycott Georgia over the new legislation.

Will Smith and director Antoine Fuqua confirmed the decision in a joint statement to Deadline, which first broke the story Monday. They said they could not “in good conscience provide economic support” to the state.

The article goes on to state the following:

“At this moment in time, the Nation is coming to terms with its history and is attempting to eliminate vestiges of institutional racism to achieve true racial justice. We cannot in good conscience provide economic support to a government that enacts regressive voting laws that are designed to restrict voter access,” they said.

They continued, “The new Georgia voting laws are reminiscent of voting impediments that were passed at the end of Reconstruction to prevent many Americans from voting. Regrettably, we feel compelled to move our film production work from Georgia to another state.”

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  1. Never liked him anyway, they are mad they can’t cheat. You have to show I D everywhere . They are sick people,just like Trump said

  2. I truly thought Will Smith was literate. Reading with comprehension is imperative…otherwise you are just an assuming piece of crap. Assume makes an a$$ out of me and you.

  3. He’s too woke for me, and this shows he’s missing quite a bit in his brain working ability.

    He clearly didn’t:
    ~ read the prior law;
    ~ read the new law;
    ~ compare the two laws for similarities and dissimilarities;
    ~ compare the new bill to other states;
    ~ think about what he read;
    ~ think for himself, doing a disservice to himself and his children

    • You nailed it! I think he might be an illiterate at this point and didn’t even have someone “Read” the new Georgia voting laws to him!! BTW, his new film is about slavery and I was under the impression they were busy trying to “Erase” our History!! What a damn Fool he is! Joey & Kammie have been using them for decades and they can’t even see that!!

  4. Will Smith is the Fresh Dunce of Bel Air. This nitwit doesn’t understand 5th grade Civics. There is no Jim Crow policies. We all need to show ID when we go to the DMV or even to buy a beer at the pub.

    Voter ID is free, reasonable and not racist. Smith shows that being rich and famous does not equate to being intelligent.

  5. So he is black right? So how is him pulling out the production of a movie from Georgia which has a over 50% black population moral or ethnic? Why would he want to take money out of the pockets of these minorities. Doesn’t he preach about helping his fellow man? How is this helping? He is no better than all the left winged liberal hollyweirds that spout their venom. I used to enjoy Will Smith but he is another I will no longer watch. Good going Will. Great way to help support your fellow man. You must have been drinking the same koolaide all the other hollyweirds and leftist liberals have been indulging in. SMH

  6. Who gives a FUKWA Will thinks. I bet APPLE has everything to do with this. Will Smith is actually stabbing us in the back, black or white.

  7. Will Smith behind the scenes always makes racist comments he did and Men in Black he did in a couple other movies tell me Mr Smith to fly from Hollywood to Georgia or any other state you need an ID to get on that plane even if you charter a private one you need an ID to rent vehicles for your production you need an ID to buy any alcohol cigarettes are any type of medications that you may need but yet to make sure that the vote is legal one of the most sacred things that a US citizen can do is vote to choose an elected official that works for the American people and you’re calling that racist then dear sir I call you absolutely stupid and a racist bigot hypocrite because of that I will never watch one of your movies again not even if it’s a rerun have a nice day…

  8. They are doing this to put pressure on the voter laws. This is just like extortion. If you don’t do this we pull out of your state. It is a power play by the Democrats.

  9. Another Hollyweird showing his stupidity. Showing an ID during voting should be in every state. I had to show mine when I voted. Fair voting is a must. This last election was stolen. Does anyone really care what he thinks? Keep your movies out of Georgia. It just shows your true colors. Your just another left winged nutcase.

  10. Chicago would be a better fit for this clown to promote more propaganda and his race baiting movie. Of course we will have the typical white patronizing, pandering libtard minions supporting this racist elitist

  11. So his argument is that Black people are so stupid they can’t find the DMV and get an ID? Because that seems pretty racist to me. All the Black people I know have identification.

  12. Another black that is unintelligent. Sad. Look at the voting law you ignorant piece of shit. Nothing racist or wrong at all. Unless your not a real American. Fuck you and Obama and Whoopi and the rest of you paid slaves.

  13. “Nearly 76,000 new voters registered in Georgia since before the presidential election, enough to make a difference in the U.S. Senate runoffs if they turn out.

    The number of new voters was revealed in an updated voter registration list purchased from the secretary of state’s office by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. These voters signed up before the state’s Dec. 7 voter registration deadline and are eligible to participate in the Jan. 5 runoffs that will decide control of the Senate.” So obviously it’s not a problem getting them registered, so get off your hinders and make sure they all have ID’S! Sheesh! Will Smith…sit down, your 15 minutes are up!

  14. Why doesn’t he go to Georgia and help people who don’t have ID get it? Do something good, not punish people who can profit from his production. People need to think through all the solutions before they go off half cocked.

  15. Hey Will, guess you should go watch the documentary “Uncle Tom”. You will see you sir are part of the problem and you have no desire to help your fellow blacks.

  16. That makes Will Smith racist. What an ass. So many black businesses are going to suffer for a false narrative. If that’s not racist, I dunno what is!

  17. They love all the tax credits they get from these states but when the state tries to make their elections more secure they cry racism and run back to Commiefornia. I say put an end to subsidizing this Hollywood garbage and let them pay to make their not worth seeing movies.

  18. 🚫🚫🚫Boycott anything Will Smith is in or sells.
    Remember ‘Emancipation’ his new movie & tell Everyone you know to Boycott it.
    Everyone I know will Never see any movie with Smith.
    He’s no one special but surely is a Racist.
    Screw him & the others out to Destroy Georgia.
    They all just want to keep Cheating in our Elections. They don’t want Election Integrity.
    This should tell you all you need to know. 🚫

  19. Well done Will, you just took away jobs from a lot of black families. Read before you react next time , you privileged putz.


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