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New York (CNN Business) — Coke knows that its soda caps often end up as litter. So it’s trying to solve the problem by tethering them to the bottle, at least in the United Kingdom.

Earlier this week, the British arm of the beverage company announced that it has started rolling out new versions of its plastic bottles. The new bottles feature an attached cap, a design that is supposed to make it easier to recycle the whole package at once — and keep caps out of the trash.

The article goes on to state the following:

Plastic bottles of Coke, Coke Zero Sugar, Diet Coke, Fanta, Sprite, Dr Pepper should all have attached caps by early 2024, the company said. The transition only applies to UK bottles.

“This is a small change that we hope will have a big impact, ensuring that when consumers recycle our bottles, no cap gets left behind,” said Jon Woods, general manager at Coca-Cola Great Britain, in a statement Tuesday.

The report notes that companies like Coke are facing pressure from environmental groups to reduce plastic waste as “plastics break down into microplastics that make their way into the air and ocean, harming marine life. They can end up in our food or lungs, potentially leading to health problems.”

Environmental issues can be a public relations nightmare for companies who have to worry about their reputations and government regulations, prompting a move to try to reduce waste.

The cap switch doesn’t appear to be making everyone appreciative, however.

“Whether their plastic caps are tethered or not, the company still produces billions of throwaway plastic bottles every year, harming our environment, our communities and our climate, and impacting our health,” said Graham Forbes, global plastics project lead at Greenpeace USA.

Environmentalists say that companies need to start using reusable containers.

“If they truly want to solve the plastic and climate crisis, Coca-Cola must focus on reducing plastic by doubling its reuse and refill packaging target to 50% by 2030,” said Forbes.

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  1. So start bottling in glass again. We recycled more in the 40’s-70’s than this entire “save the planet” generation could even think about. They want everything convenient and right now and then bitch about the waste is causes. Packaged food, bottled water, “power snacks” wrapped in plastic. Over it.

    • Right? If Coke wanted to “save the planet”, they’d stop producing coke. It can take the rust off your toilet bowl! And can corrode a pan by to nothin’!

  2. As a kid I went around gathering glass bottles and collected the deposit. Wasn’t a lot but as a 6yr old it was

      • I did the same as a kid. Glass is a much safer food storage product then plastic. Research has indicated that plastics are linked to hormone problems.
        Also plastic is a real environmental issue. There is a massive floating plastic dump of plastic trash in the Pacific. Some plastics last for years.


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