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Multi-billion-pound multinationals were out in force at a huge Pride parade in London on Saturday, with Coca-Cola sending drag queens and others in company branding to drum up support.

In what some might see as a cynical move by a corporation with a somewhat chequered reputation among some to align itself with a supposedly anti-establishment, socially fashionable minority, Coca-Cola deployed drag queens, among others, to the streets of London, to curry favour with the LGBTQIA2S+ community.

The article goes on to state the following:

“All together now with Coca-Cola!” said one of the drag queens, leading spectators in cheers for the event.

Coca-Cola floats and signs are seen in the videos below:

Meanwhile, Coca-Cola recently announced the release of the Coca-Cola #Pride collection:


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  1. We’ve gone from ‘my sexuality is none of your business’ to having it shoved in our faces and told to like it.

  2. I am not buying Coca Cola anymore and all the Drag Queens can just go to hell dumb son of a bitches and they need to put them in a nut House with the President and owner of Coca Cola CEO period and they need to have all these gay queens cut their penis off

    • PepsiCo is just as bad. Buy a Sodastream and make your own cola. They go woke, let them go broke.

  3. I do not drink any soda products anymore and do not miss them! Stopped a few years ago! They can all move to China! Like Hollywood these companies should stick to what’s they sell instead of peoples lives!!! Who gives a flip about Coke, Pepsi or Hollywood!

  4. I haven’t bought sodas for many years now and never plan to buy it again! It tears up your stomach! Now it offends me too!


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