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A 60-year-old woman jumped from the roof of her luxury Midtown building while holding her tiny lap dog Friday afternoon, leaving both dead, according to cops and law-enforcement sources.

The unidentified Manhattan woman had just finished her last meal on top of the 46-story apartment complex where she lived — The Victory at 561 10th Ave. near 41st Street in Hell’s Kitchen — when she leaped with her little pooch, a rescue dog, just before 1 p.m., police and sources said.

The article goes on to state the following:

The woman left behind a handwritten note talking about stress — then just walked to the edge and jumped, sources said. Bottles of medication were found in her apartment, sources said.

The report quotes nearby workers as being very shaken by the incident, with many also expressing shock that the woman would take her dog with her.

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  1. That just breaks my heart. I too am fighting depression as are my friends with all this shit. And after loosing my two cavaliers a year apart I have decide to get another dog. I have to have something to help me! Wish me luck!

    • Dear Cab, I’ll pray for you and your friends. Definitely get another dog! They’re God’s special gifts to us for company, protection, and to show us just a little bit of what His unconditional love is like. God bless you! Don’t give up on life or God. He works behind the scenes, even when things look hopeless. He’s working now. We just can’t see how. Trust Him. ❤🙏🙏

  2. This is so very sad! I too am depressed as to what is happening in our country, as are my friends. After loosing my dog January 6 th I have now decided to get another dog. I can not take the being alone any longer. The democrats just SUCK!

  3. I think there are a lot of people feeling the stress and that’s just giving up, I’ve given up in a different way and it’s upsetting my doctors, their wanting to have all kinds of test and I’ve just refused to go through it anymore, I’m ready for it to be over with and just want it all over with why the heck to long it anymore and why be tested when the insurance will refuse any treatments it will take to fix the problem, why? No point anymore, I’ve had enough so yes I understand the leap.

    • I feel your pain but don’t give up, go get a second opinion! Ps.a nurse of 33 years, if that helps,

      Sometimes someone else can see what others do not!

    • Oh honey . Please don’t do that. I understand stand where you are coming from. Sometimes it does feel like it’s to much to handle. I deal with chronic pain. I’ve had 20 +surgeries so I do understand. Please don’t give up. Depression is going on with so many people right now . Please hold on to hope a little longer. You will be in my prayers

  4. So very sad that she felt ending her life was the answer with she could have had someone care about her to get her some help before this happen🥺

  5. That’s terrible that she did this to herself, R.I.P., but, the poor dog did not deserve to die and must have been terrified! Very cruel and selfish! Must have been on too many meds or she had a mental problem. She could have given her dog to a good home giving it years of love and happiness! Some humans are just not humane to animals…

    • So very true! 🙏 Please don’t despair. God can change graves into gardens. If you are hurting or feel alone know that God loves you and you are not alone. ✝️


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