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A 30-year-old Ontario woman diagnosed with Stage 4 colon cancer has had her surgery postponed indefinitely and says it could be too late to save her if the procedure keeps getting pushed back.

Woodbridge, Ont. woman Cassandra Di Maria was diagnosed with cancer in 2020 and has undergone 17 rounds of chemotherapy since then.

The article goes on to state the following:

“Now, I’m waiting on my next big surgery,” Di Maria told CTV News Toronto on Thursday. “I have no idea when this surgery will happen and I’m at a standstill.”

The report explains that De Maria’s surgery was originally scheduled for December, then postponed to January, then that appointment was cancelled as well.

In an email, Mount Sinai Hospital informed Di Maria her surgery was cancelled because of “the situation with COVID-19” and that “everything is getting cancelled at this point.”

Di Maria’s cousin posted the following desperate account on Instagram:

I am posting this to bring to light a story of how Ontario has cancelled a LIFE SAVNG Surgery for a stage 4 cancer patient.

My cousin is 30-year-old and was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer in November 2020. By the time it was found, the cancer had spread from her colon, to her ovaries and liver, leading to a removal of a piece of her colon and one of her ovaries. She went on chemotherapy, in an attempt to shrink the spots on her liver before surgery could be performed to remove those spots. This surgery was supposed to take place in November 2021 and has since been pushed back numerous times. It was POSTPONED AGAIN, thanks to the government’s decision to cancel “nonurgent” surgeries due to Covid-19.

This means she will be off chemo for at least three months, giving the cancer a chance to multiply and spread to every single part of her body. This could potentially render her chances for surgery USELESS, meaning she will die. My 30-year-old cousin, with a wedding planned for April 2023 and an ENTIRE life ahead of her, will die thanks to the reckless decision to cancel and postpone “nonurgent” surgeries.

I am wondering when my 30-year-old cousin’s life will be a priority? When will hospitals be equipped to handle the influx of Covid-19 patients AND the rest of the population that has other illnesses, besides Covid-19? When will Canadians, who have done their part by receiving the vaccine and staying home, be considered a PRIORITY? When will my cousin, who is battling stage four cancer, be just as important as a covid-19 patient? When will my cousin, who has had to attend all of her doctor’s appointments and chemo treatments ALONE, be treated as a priority during this pandemic?

I am calling on the Ontario Government to rethink this decision to cancel surgeries, ultimately punishing a boatload of individuals whose lives are at risk. I am calling on the Ontario Government to give my cousin a fighting chance at life; a chance to marry her high school sweetheart, a chance to travel the world, a chance to watch her nephew grow up and give him a cousin. A chance to LIVE.


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  1. Prayers to your cousin to have her needed surgery and get well and prayers that a government so wrapped up in power and control of their people, wake up and by the grace of God do the right thing for their people! Covid is over! Stop with the control and mandates! It’s no different than getting a cold!

  2. Cancer isn’t as profitable as COVID! Even in Canada I bet hospitals are getting more money for COVID patients than any other types of patients. It’s disgusting. I’ve wondered how many people here died when the hospitals closed their doors to everyone but COVID? Closed hospitals that never had a single COVID case but couldn’t open.

  3. This is going to happen to all of us except the elite! This is what the bastards want, the whole world to themselves! The only way this ends will be with a massive amount of bloodshed!

  4. This is socialism, sadly they follow a list and her diagnosis is poor probably so she now on the tail end of this list. It was bad there 25 years ago now it’s even worse !!!!! If she had the vax ( most likely did ) it will advance the cancer cells and the Drs know it so they’d rather work with patients they can help/ save. I’m not being cruel but rather factual. Prayers for a miracle for her 🙏

  5. ” non urgent” ?? If it was a govt official or an.ILLEGALS relative we know DAMNED well they’d be treated ASAP. This is just horrific i hope something changes for this INNOCENT woman.. Many prayers ..

  6. This is BS! You’re life matters! Covid-19 is ruining the nation because they get more money for the hospitals since they write down everyone dies of Covid-19! Keep fighting! My thoughts and prayers are with you Cassandra! This is an outrage! Call your Senators! Call Lawyers! Call Everyone! 🤨

  7. IT IS HAPPENING IN THE USA! With the government scare of COVID it has not allowed me to receive any BCG treatments (chemo) and my tumors returned and I was scheduled for surgery January 25th and now with the vaccine mandates for healthcare workers we have a staffing shortage because most of the nurses quit (my body my choice) and now my surgery has been delayed until February 7th. I am scared that this government will further hinder any treatment or medical care I need for my cancer. The only thing that brings me comfort is my faith in God and I ask him every day for healing and strength 🙏🏼

  8. Cruel. Inhumane. Dereliction of duty.
    Failure to uphold Hippocratic Oath.
    Out and out murder.
    Sue for malpractice.
    If she horrifically passes sue for wrongful death.
    Hunt down everyone responsible from Trudeau on down….im so angry for her. Everyone in similar unnecessarily ignorant and avoidable situations. Inexcusable. All CoV murderers will feel His wrath


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