REPORT: World’s fastest airliner to usher in new era of supersonic travel

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The world hasn’t seen commercial supersonic travel in nearly 20 years since the Concorde was retired in 2003, but all that is about to change with the development of a new, environmentally friendly airliner.

Meet Overture – the world’s fastest airliner that was developed by Denver-based Boom Supersonic.

The article goes on to state the following:

With 26 million hours of designing and testing, Overture will run on 100% sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) as it flies at Mach 1.7 over the ocean, shuttling between 68-80 passengers up to nearly 5,000 miles.

According to Boom, the United Sates Air Force and two other airlines have committed to purchase the jets.

United Airlines has agreed to buy 15 of the aircraft, with options to purchase another 35.  Japan Airlines has pre-ordered 20.

The new jets are expected to cut travel time in half to many popular destinations.

A flight from New York City to London, which normally takes 7 hours, will only take 3 hours and 30 minutes.  The trip from Los Angeles to Sydney, which currently takes 15 hours, is projected to take only 8 hours with the Boom Supersonic jet.

In a series of Twitter posts last month, Boom Supersonic shared the following details:

Meet our production Overture design — optimized for speed, safety, and sustainability.

Welcome aboard to Tier 1 suppliers @CollinsAero, @eatoncorp, and @SafranLandingS to the Overture program, supplying key systems such as landing gear, fuel and inerting, avionics, and ice protection. 2/5

Our alliance with @northropgrumman expands the market opportunity for Overture through special mission aircraft to be developed for the U.S. Government and its allies. 3/5

Lastly, Overture will be tested in our new facility — The Iron Bird — located in Denver, Colorado, where a full scale Overture model will inform engineering and development throughout the aircraft’s lifetime.

It’s about time for a bold new era of supersonic flight.

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  1. My take its still using fossil fuels but sounds so much better when you say sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) . This is all for the elites. While us mere morals will stand in long lines, or have cancelled flights . All while we are pushed to drive an EV. I call this BS .


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