REPORT: Young woman shares horrific injuries after surviving Highland Park massacre

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A young woman who survived the July 4 Chicago gun massacre that killed six has shared distressing images of the facial injuries she suffered.

This victim, known only by the Twitter handle Lili, began posting photos around noon on July 4, just hours after the shooting began.

The article goes on to state the following:

The first photo shows blood pouring down her face, neck and on to her chest. She wrote in the caption: ‘I cant f**king believe i was in the middle of a mass shooting.

In additional videos and photos, Lili showed the horrific wound on her face, explaining it was a bullet graze wound.

Another photo shows the wound held together by stitches. Her face, clothes and shoes are splattered with blood.

“My aftermath of the Highland Park shooting. I’m still in shock. I am so sorry for everyone who lost loved ones today,” she wrote in one tweet.

“I want to thank everyone whose interacting with and sharing my post , I didn’t post for attention to myself, I wanted to share the reality of what is happening to so many people, and help people realize that things NEED to change. Thank you guys for your well wishes and support,” Lilly wrote.

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