ROCK ON: Music icon explains in interview why going to church, being a conservative is important to him now

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Australian rock icon Nick Cave said going to church and being a conservative is the modern equivalent of “f—–g” with people.

Cave, best known for forming the bands Birthday Party and Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds in the early 1980s, was considered an anti-establishment punk rock bad boy at the height of his fame. He sat down with “UnHerd” host Freddie Sayers to discuss his book, “Faith, Hope and Carnage,” which is billed as a look at his life “from his early childhood to the present day, his loves, his work ethic and his dramatic transformation in recent years.”

Cave explained that he sees human beings in a completely different way than he did early in his career, and said he is now a “more complete person.” Sayers noted that the punk rocker turned “church-going person” might seem unrecognizable, but Cave said he simply gets a delight by “f—–g with people” and “living outside the expectation” of others. The singer-songwriter said he sees the world in a completely different way, which included being aware of both the “brokenness” and “value” of human beings after the tragic death of his 15-year-old son changed his views.

Cave told Sayers: “I didn’t have that political fury, but I was much more concerned with f—–g with people on a different kind of level, a different kind of thing… I was always sort of at odds with my peers, I would say.”

Sayers then asked Cave how he “f—s” with people in 2023, to which Cave responded: “You be a conservative.”

“It that today’s equivalent?” Sayers asked following audience laughter to Cave’s answer.

Cave repeated his answered, adding that you also need to “go to church.”

See the interview below:

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