(Commenting on)  RUMORS: Katy Perry’s old interview resurfaces following Russell Brand allegations



  1. No. She did not allude to abuse. She basically said he was a dick and she let go of the relationship (if there actually was one to begin with) after allowing herself to get over thinking that the split was her fault. Now if Vogue and the leftist feminists believe that a man being a dick is abuse then I hate to tell the entire male population this, but you are (according to those sources) all in serious trouble.

  2. Pulling statements Katy Perry made about her relationship – is not “ proof” to lend credence to accusations that waited ten or more years to surface, Curiously in numbers simultaneously .No evidence but memory, no investigation but press, trial and conviction by amateur opinion.
    Brand has built a network of people whom he inspires with truth and seeking means to expose the insidious rats . Clearly he’s making a dent, and must be cancelled.
    Anyone who can’t see through these accusations for the attack on his fight to expose lies and conspiracies , has their heads buried in something far less innocuous than sand

  3. The Democrats are so damn corrupt they will go after anyone that doesn’t agree with them. Let’s all vote for Trump just to see how much they have been hiding. I can assure you, it goes deep. Lots of Rhino Republicans involved in the corruption also. You don’t become millionaires and billionaires off of their salary.


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