SEE IT: Footage shows overflowing police precincts turned into migrant shelters

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Footage is going viral showing police precincts across Chicago overflowing with illegal immigrants, with many having been transformed into makeshift shelters.

Personal items, luggage, and plastic bags litter the precincts as illegal immigrants carve out areas with bedding in the precincts, according to a report citing videographer Rebecca Brannon.

Brannon filmed the scenes on Sunday, and immigrants can be seen listening to music while children scurry around playing.

Brannon wrote on Twitter Tuesday, “Trash and belongings of migrants are piling up in and outside the several police stations I visited across Chicago. Some precincts have migrants bring their items outside to to help control or prevent bed bugs. I’m told just about every station is like this across the city. A source close to the Chicago PD shared that most migrants wander the city during the day and then return in the evening in larger numbers. The 12th precinct alone has at times seen over 100 migrants. And at the 14th district, a migrant shared w/ me that women and children sleep inside the station at night and the men stay outside to help with capacity.”

“Numerous Chicago police stations are serving as makeshift shelters for migrants and are dealing with bed bugs, illnesses, food and basic healthcare shortages. Some migrants I spoke with have been here from days to weeks and don’t know where they will go.”

“I visited 8 stations Sunday afternoon across Chicago. Each location varies in support and supplies, solely relying on local residents’ donations or volunteers. A police source speaking on anonymity shared that they are receiving no assistance from the City or Government, leaving them to personally support those in need such as purchasing food or baby wipes. According to the Chicago Sun Times, last month aides to former Mayor Lori Lightfoot warned city council members that Chicago was out of money, space and time to handle the humanitarian crisis caused by migrants descending on the city that sees roughly 100-200 arriving per day.”

“Police Stations all across Chicago tonight are overwhelmed with homeless migrants who are continually arriving everyday. Hundreds have been sleeping & eating on the floors – putting severe strain on officers who are trying to carry out their daily law enforcement duties. According to a report by WBEZ Chicago, over 8,500 migrants have arrived from the southern border since late last year. The city is now seeing between 100 and 200 migrants arrive daily.  Today I visited several stations across Chicago capturing this humanitarian crisis now spreading across the country. Will be posting full report and footage tomorrow.”

Fox News correspondent Matt Finn tweeted, “Migrants sheltering inside a Chicago police department. Has become standard in some precincts.”

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