(Commenting on)  SEE IT HERE: Mayorkas warns border agents not to misgender illegal aliens in stunning memo



  1. You have got to be kidding. First off they are here illegally then I should worry about what they should be called. They should be called back to their country. This administration is nothing but a joke.

  2. This guy is an insane asshole. Thank those republicans who voted not to impeach him along with the Democrats. Put him in the basement with Joe joe

  3. Well there you have it, liberal loonies keep setting the bar higher with their brand of stupidity. Are these people really that insane?

    Are they for real???
    Border Patrol Agents should just say enough is enough of this BS.
    They should disregard this order and walk away if necessary.
    This country continues to go to shit until Americans stand up and strap their balls back on.
    We are the laughing stock of the planet.

  5. How insulting to our border agents! Their lives are at risk with any illegal alien encounter and they’re supposed to focus on this. Mayorkus’s arrogance is amazing and his disrespect and disregard for our country chilling.

  6. Mayorkas is a card carrying lunatic! These illegals don’t care what you call them as long as you let them across the border and give them all the welfare money you possibly can! As far as prisoners go they are criminals and should not be given anything they can’t afford to pay for on the outside of prison!!!! Why should our tax dollars go to change their body parts?? This country has gone insane! Thanks Obama

  7. All border patrol should quit!!!!! For me this would be the last straw! These people in our government have totally lost their minds! Just leave the border open without the welcome mat and just let them fend for themselves. 99% of them will not appear in court anyway snd that would stop all the buses being sent to the Dem cities! Problem solved!
    No shelter, no food, no money- maybe they would turn around and go home!

  8. They’re ILLEGAL they have no rights here other than basic humanitarian rights! I don’t give a damn if they’re offended! They don’t like it GTFO! Take your ass back across the damn river

  9. I refuse to comply with this stupidity. I never misgendered anyone, I smart enough to know the differences between a man and a women. If they don’t know that’s their problem, they can ask me, and I will be happy to tell them.

  10. This Fucken guy has got to go …. Those 8 Republicans that didn’t vote for his impeachment should go with him ! This is way the fuck out of hand ! I can’t wait till Trump rounds these corrupt fuckers up and puts them in Gitmo .

  11. You are correct evil shit head Mayorkas. They are illegal aliens that are breaking our laws. Send them back to where they came from. And you need to be impeached now!! They gave no right to be here in our country.

  12. See. The good guys tried to get his dumb ass out of office but the elites want him to stay. So the shoe lickers made it possible. And look what he’s doing now!! What a jerk!!


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