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A second lieutenant in the U.S. Army is suing two Virginia police officers over a traffic stop last December where officers drew their guns, pointed them at him and referenced the Green Mile to suggest he was facing execution before pepper-spraying him and knocking him to the ground.

Body camera footage shows Caron Nazario, who is Black and Latino, was dressed in uniform with his hands held in the air outside the driver’s side window of his new Chevy Tahoe as he told the armed officers: ‘I’m honestly afraid to get out.’

The article goes on to state the following:

‘Yeah, you should be!’ one of the officers – Joe Gutierrez – responded during the stop at a BP gas station in Windsor, Virginia.

Dressed in uniform, Nazario was on his way home from his duty station at the U.S. Army Medical Corp when Windsor Police Officer Daniel Crocker pulled him over.

Crocker radioed in that he was trying to stop a vehicle with tinted windows and no rear license plate, and said the driver was “eluding police.”

Another officer, Joe Gutierrez, was nearby and decided to join in to help.

Nazario said he wasn’t trying to elude police, but was only trying to stop in a well-lit area, and pulled his SUV into a gas station.  The two officers then jumped out and pulled their guns on Nazario, and ended up dousing him in pepper spray.  His dog, in a crate in the back of the vehicle, started chocking from the pepper spray.

The report states that the license plate was visible on Nazario’s SUV.

Both officers still work for the department. Nazario filed a lawsuit earlier this month.

WATCH the shocking body cam footage below:

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  1. And those 2 are still cops ? Seriously ? That veteran should sue them for everything they have and they should never be cops anywhere, ever again!

  2. I don’t have much sympathy for the disrespectful and dictatorial police, but I also don’t have much sympathy for the noncompliant lieutenant repeatedly ignoring lawful police orders.

  3. I get they have had it rough but they went overboard. Good thing he waited to stop because I really feel they would have treated him worse if he had stopped any where else.

  4. It’s always noncompliance that escalates the situation. Comply today, then tell it to the judge tomorrow. It’s always worked for me. You don’t have to like it but when guns are drawn, that’s not the time to push it. You’ll get your day in court. Yeah maybe the cop was out of line. That’s the courts job to decide. Lawyer up before you act up.

  5. I support law enforcement but I don’t support the ones that abuse their power. Too much, so much bullshit. There is always a few in the masses of any establishment that makes the good ones doubted. Always , always going to be someone that loses their shit, or abuses the people they are sworn to protect. From parents to clergy, police officers, politicians and the like. You name it they suck. Drain the damn swamp everywhere!!!
    I am sick of people that don’t care about other people.

    Why do I have to attach my email to comment? Just curious…

  6. I agree with Random Citizen & Mr Bill. The fact that he sought to stop in a more lighted area sent off a bad signal to the police officer.The police didn’t know why he was “running”, they only know what he said after the fact & was still non-compliant. That’s where the Lieutenant should’ve complied when he arrived at the Gas station, right away. As an army Lieutenant, he should have known that his behavior would escalate the situation, then complied to the fullest, & sorted out the facts before the judge, IF NEED BE. Could the Lieutenant have been looking for an altercation w/police where he could get a pay day? I have a son & son in law that are military,& I assure you, they know protocol. They would’ve complied immediately,& done exactly as requested. The police officers felt their authority being challenged & didn’t know where to go with it, other than jUst walking away, period. That’s against their training. So, a simple stop. “I’m sorry officer, did I do something wrong?” Give your license & registration; the police would’ve checked background, & seen he was an lieutenant in military service. It’s doubtful that it would’ve ever escalated. Compliance to authority, just like the Lieutenant would expect the same from his team.


  8. The rookie cop did nothing wrong. He looked scared and confused due to the out of control loudmouthed prick who was obviously his senior. Yes the Lt. should have done a much better job of following commands but the loudmouth should be fired for his inexcusable actions. Pepper spray? Seriously?
    If you are going to pull into a well lit area(perfectly acceptable) be sure and call 911 to let them know what you’re intentions are since you are taking so long to pull over.
    More than likely this is a result of the politics of professional victimhood and an over zealous cop who thinks everyone is out to kill him. Thanks Obama.

  9. It’s as simple as this folks if you just do what the police ask instead of asking questions you do not escalate a situation to this point. Time and time again we see this because people just do not follow the simple requests.

  10. I am both thankful and respectful of our police and the services they provide, but this reaction and situation was unwarranted for an alleged traffic violation. At no point was our soldier disrespectful or aggressive. While we do not know what happened throughout the police officers shift, the camera reveals they did over reach their authority in this case.

    Both officers should be suspended w/o pay and be required to take basic training over again. If they refuse, they should be dismissed.

  11. For those saying this was an overreaction by the police, do you know how many police officers have been killed by not being reactive enough? On a job like this as a police officer, you simply don’t know who is going to be that one person who seems to be perfectly nice and shocked that he’s being pulled over who then pulls that gun on you and shoots you. That man who got pulled over should have complied right away. First off, he should have called 911 and told them that he was being pulled over, but he felt unsafe, and was waiting to pull over in a well lit area. Deescalation #1. Then as soon as he was pulled over, and they asked him to turn off his car and step out, he should have done so. Deescalation #2. I have no pity for this man. I do for the police officers because they’re being turned into the bad guys when in actuality, they’re the only ones who didn’t know if they were going to go home that night or not.

  12. Listen people when you get pulled over by the police the best thing is to cooperate and do what your told to do. This guy should of did what the officers said and get out of the car! Simple instructions. By not obeying the law your causing a situation that should of never happened. The officers did there job. It’s to bad there are people that think they don’t have to obey the law and commands of the police! Shame on this Lieutenant so not obeying a direct order. This is why we have problems.

  13. My dad was a police officer so know what they face. I do think that the officers went a little overboard but with the way things are today I understand some of it. But the biggest thing here was that the lieutenant did not do as he was told. He turned a routine stop into a big mess. With him being a lieutenant you would think he understands following orders. I hope he does not win his law suit as it will only serve an example for others to follow.

  14. Much like Saint George of Minneapolis, we have to wait and learn ALL of the details for context. Veterans are not above reproach. If it runs out the two cops are idiots, so be it.

  15. Random Citizen and Mr. Bill nailed it. Cops today are on super high alert, which they need to be, and the Lieutenant was passive-aggressively aggravating the situation. Maybe seizing an opportunity to play the race card and capitalize on it? That seems to be the game du jour.

  16. As a Army veteran and a retired police officer my opinion is all three involved completely messed up . The Lieutenant should have listened and should have done exactly what the officers said but the officers completely lost control by losing their temper, not explaining completely to the man on what to do.


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