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Written by DML
The above pictures are of my daughter Kelly and me.  Kelly is 12-years-old and she, like so many kids in the US, is subjected to the political fighting that flames the fire when it comes to the heated debate over COVID scaredemic lockdowns, mandates, and insane decision making.  She, like so many kids, is being unfairly subjected to bullshit masking rules dictated by adults who should be far smarter than they’re acting.

I will die for my daughter without hesitation. If you’re a parent you know what I am talkng about.  There is nothing you won’t do for your kid(s).  Meaning, I will fight for her with every breath in my lungs, and I will spend the time and money required to give her the best I can.  This includes using my skills at digging into false narratives and exposing liars.  It includes giving truth-tellers a platform to speak freely, and to share the information we need to hear.  I will go out of my way to create an alternative to the Biden talking points that are filled with nonsense, and that defy logic, medicine, and science.  I will stand tall for her during this crazy time when nobody trusts the media, DC, or doctors with an agenda.

I started my Facebook page on February 9, 2013.  It’s been nearly a decade that Facebook has provided a channel for me to connect with Americans who love the unfiltered, unapologetic approach I use when delivering real news and strong opinions.  My Facebook LIVE videos have been watched hundreds of millions of times over the years.  But it looks like my run with Facebook may be coming to an end.

This Tuesday past, I recorded and published a podcast that received lots of praise on the DML NEWS APP, Facebook, and  The interview with Dr. Nick Kardaras (“Dr. K”) focused on the concerns and dangers  associated with children being forced to wear masks, and when forced to do virtual learning for long periods of time.

The information conveyed by Dr. K. is credible in the sense that even Facebook, Google, and Apple recognize the need for kids to limit screen time.  Studies have been conducted world-wide, and we know that overuse of digital screens hurt our kids, and Dr. K punches these studies home with facts and experience as a psychologist.

We also held a long conversation about masks and how important it is for a child to see another person’s full face and expressions.  Seeing a full face, and a smile, or a frown, is paramount to a child’s growth and mental well being.  Again, this sort of information is worldly known.

Despite Dr. K.’s amazing reputation, and his three treatment clinics in the US, and his numerous TV appearances, medical credentials, and best selling book on related matters, Facebook says the information conveyed in my postcast is MISINFORMATION, and that it could cause “physical harm.”

I have been warned that if I continue to post these sort of things that I will be removed from Facebook permanently.  Well, I have news for Facebook.  I have no plans on stopping.  I have done nothing wrong, I have posted the truth.  And I will not be intimidated by the social media giant or Mark Zuckerberg’s friends in DC.  Don’t forget: The Biden administration monitors Facebook and works with them to remove “misinformation.”  That’s sort of like asking Lance Armstrong to monitor his own drug tests.

I am standing tall for our children, and I will not back down one iota.  I did not post fake news, I posted an interview that under normal circumstances — meaning, we did not have a radical president and woke administration — would be praised for its clarity and insight (aka real journalism).

The New Yorker in me wants to tell Facebook to “stick the misinformation label up its own ass,” but the professional in me will call my lawyer and place a dispute. We will ask for my ad money to be returned, and I have spent hundreds of thousands over the years.

Either way, the screenshot from Facebook is below.  You can see it for yourself.  They want me gone, no doubt.

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  1. Sir, i feel for ya.. I as i type am in FB jail 30 days… A person on FB got snowflake butthurt because he was making some very foolish comments. I responded with ” you sir are a fool”.. Yes his comments were foolish n ” fool” fit him well. Within 2 mins BLAME FB JAIL 30 DAYS N NO REVIEW. Well there was a review, i hit plz review n within 1 min got the reply, reviewed bye bye 30 days… And the ” fools” foolish comments were on a democrats page putting out misinformation… Called him out n bingo…. FB jail… Turds they are all TURDS..

  2. WOW! I have been a pretty loyal listener for a pretty long time, over a year. I have never heard a more “ambush interview” in my life. I thought you and I agreed on most everything until this interview. The first half was what I tuned in for and was informed. The second half showed the true character you possess. The rudeness and arrogance was was astounding! You just lowered your dignity below what I care to share with. Your closing statement about the Dr….maybe you should look in the mirror.

  3. You are the smartest man in the room DML and that’s why they want to silence you. They can go guck themselves and I will follow you wherever you go. I have told many people about how good your iLsight and instincts are. Fight back DML as they are the real LOSERS in this world and I hope their karma is unrelenting.

  4. I’ve heard from a deep bunny burrow mark greenburg…oops zuckerberg’s name has relations to the rothschilds. Just saying. My f…book story is riddled with multiple visits to jail , status in warning , ect. ect. I’ve reviewed this child like platform and BYE , BYE f…book….DELETED MANY MONTHS AGO !!!!

  5. Dennis, I think your podcasts are awesome and have your app. I’ll continue to listen, I appreciate very good & honest journalism!!!!! FAKEBOOK should be ashamed of themselves although I’m sure they’re not. I was given FB jail for 3 days because I said the cartels and terrorist need taken out, so guess they were Sticking up for both!!!!! Anyway THANK you for ALL you do!!!!

  6. DML, my thanks to you for all the work you
    have done in exposing truths over the
    years. It is not your fault the citizens of the
    USA question the government. Those in it
    do not realize they have brought this on
    themselves in calling wolf so many times,
    and trying like the Dutch boy to plug the
    holes in the dam. Their personal lives read
    like deasters from rides on the Lolita express
    to insider trading, and shady deals from vaccines
    from China to deals with Russia to the Saudis.
    They work for themselves not the people. I wish
    you and yours the best always, but keep the
    faith. We are not all idiots.💕🇺🇸✝️

  7. Pick an alternative platform (or two) like GAB, GETTR or TELEGRAM, and let your viewers know where to find you. CUT OFF the FB account and NEVER look back… So many have FLED CENSORSHIP @ Twitter, FB, YouTube, etc. these are NO LONGER considered alternatives, but 1st GO-TO SOURCES for news 📰 and information!💖

  8. DML is the best News app AND Podcast that I’ve come across.It’s real,truthful,and accurate,which is something that I can’t say about others.I do like OAN but FB won’t let me see it online,so I watcch it on TV,FB.Keep up the good work that you’re doing,our gov.won’t do anything except contact Big Tech.If I were them,I would feel used,not powerful.

  9. I read nearly everything that comes out every day on the DML ap. I dumped FB over a year ago. I am appalled at what they are doing and we all need to get off there platform as well as the other platforms that do this censoring.
    Don’t give in. All those that have been censored need to join forces.

  10. I will go to one of the apps. I hardly use Facebook now and thinking of getting off all together. Please keep going we all need your news.
    I live in California and if my Grandchildren weren’t here I would be gone

  11. I left Fakebook months ago..never used twit or insta…Love your News DML! Have you considered gettr and Rumble? Thats where I go for uncensored news.

  12. DML, Loved today’s podcast! I get your angst, & share it too…No matter where tge evil throws you, I will always find you…
    Love the DML Gummy Chews! Had to back off for awhile…personal…Have tried several times to purchase a 3 pac/BOGO, & keep getting kicked off, w/”error, Try Again Later” Which I will do again…
    So either I have ordered my 3 pack ten times, or not at all…but I have never felt better, than when I was using them on a daily basis…Thank you!

  13. Being censored in America!! Never thought I’d see the day. I deleted FB months before they deleted Trump. It was too creepy being associated with their Nazi like demeanor. My last post was me telling my friends good bye and that my freedom was way more important than FB. You wouldn’t allow a demon on your house- so why would you allow FB on your head or thoughts?

  14. Your over the target.They dont want the truth out . Frank speech and the Pete Santili show is what I go to .no msm .

    Information on cov19.

  15. It’s so sad there are people who don’t know or understand the damage that farcebook, Twitter and the rest of the social media outlets are doing to us

  16. Post on RUMBLE, GETTER, and TELEGRAM. Keep your app. I love it! Facebook is a lost cause and has very little, if any, credibility. Move on to bigger and better!

  17. Thank you and keep doing what you’re doing! We all need to share the truth you give us as much as possible! We all need to stand up to the lying media, and the Obiden administration and expose them for the liars they are!

  18. I have not used FakeBook nor will ever go back. I have switched to Rumble and enjoy watching the videos that are posted there. Time to move to platforms that are owned & operated by people who believe in free speech.

  19. I have your app and I’d be lost without your news. I recommend you to anyone wanting the truth. I stand with you and believe everything you say. I know people are sick, but the hospitals are letting them die and not giving them the proper treatment. Most have beebeen vaccinated. Hang in there.


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