SPECIAL REPORT: Elon Musk posts meme exposing gender insanity

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Twitter owner Elon Musk, who has been speaking out against the wokeness of the left, posted a meme on Twitter Friday mocking parents who say they will let their babies pick their own gender.

The latest push by liberals claims that doctors sometimes make a mistake and “assign” the wrong gender to babies when they are born. Alarmingly, this narrative is being pushed on small children by teachers in some schools.

The image posted by Musk shows a pregnant woman at a doctor’s appointment. The woman asks, “Is it a boy or a girl?”

The doctor replies, “We’ll let the kindergarten teacher decide.”

Musk’s post has already raked in over 56 million views, nearly 150 million re-tweets, and over 11,000 comments.

Liberals are blasting Musk over the post, accusing him of ruining Twitter, and labeling him as “transphobic.”

Many leftists are also throwing it back in his face that one of Musk’s own children has turned against him and become a transgender.

In a follow-up comment, Musk added, “Kids who are so young they think Santa is literally true obviously cannot understand the concept of “gender.””

Musk is doubling down. On Saturday, he responded to a video of a California lawmaker demanding that every child’s chosen gender should be “affirmed.”

Twitter user “Wall Street Silver” had written, “Why would anyone risk raising children in California? If you don’t affirm your 7 year old child’s “gender identity” it can be considered child abuse and be used to take your children from you. The California state legislator describes it …”

“Madness,” Musk responded.

Responding to the same video posted by another Twitter user, Musk tweeted, “This is crazy.”

Another Twitter user wrote, “Many of the people being accused of being “anti-trans” or “transphobic” merely want to protect children.”

“Yes,” Musk commented.

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