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ANNOUNCEMENT EFFECTIVE 11/30/18: TEAM DML subscriptions are no longer available at discount rates.  Please refer to


  1. So when is cut off? And if you don t have pay pal you can t have. But can still catch you on DML app. May have to say Goodbye health insurance robs me.

  2. I think I accidently signed up for level 2. I redid it and signed up for level 3 which is what I want. So if you get 2levels from me please delete level 2. Thank you. I know level 3 went through.

  3. I’m very sad. I have been a follower since day one and this has kept me in the truth of things. Media lies as we know! But here it’s been always the truth. It also saw me threw the election and helped me to share with others .
    I feel left out because due to serious tragedy I cant aford an extra bill. Let alone get a warm coat for winter due to an on going and very serious fight for life. Everyday I watched and the live shows meant so much to me. I’m really sad about this. Gonna miss this more than I can say

    alot to me.

  4. I have tried twice tonight to sign up for level 3 with my credit card. No go! It’s wants me to sign up for PayPal, don’t want to but don’t want to miss out on signing up tonight. What should I do???

  5. Dennis,
    Please add PalPalas a payment option. It will make a hude difference, especially for those of us who don’t carry a purse and don’t have the CC with us all the time. Sales will be good. I’ll sign up easier.

  6. I know this is your reality and choice, but I will really miss you!!! I am hopeful that I receive a Buddy Subscription. I submitted this in the app on the Submit News button. Will you be letting us know if we’re on that list? I want to make sure you received my message. Will the Buddy subscriptions all be at the $5.99 level? My hope is to see your live daily shows. That’s the $10 level, I believe. Is this possible? Thank you for all your hard work and dedication to our country. You ARE appreciated!!!!! Julie Forland

  7. I am one of your Canadian fans and have sent you a request on your submit page. I will be sending my personal cheque for $!00 US this Friday. The address I will be using is your Amaconsett, NY 11930 address. is that ok? please advise. I won’t send it until I hear back from you. thank you DML have watched you DAILY since the beginning and even though this is a hardship for me, I don’t want to loose watching you. thank you for everything you do – you are a fine man and am very proud to be on your Team.

  8. DML..I read a comment where you said, Trump isn’t going to stop this invasion, but there are building Tents.
    I don’t know what your status of being in the military or now. But these TENTS ARE NOT for the immigrants. They are for the TROOPS that are being deployed to the border. Check your facts first.

    • I did check my facts, and your president said last night that the military is bringing in materials to build TENT CITIES for the illegals coming in. Now, that said, it is hard to take Trump at his word, so I could be sharing fake news considering he is my source.

  9. I don’t have PayPal so it wouldn’t take my application for a Subscription level one only is all I could squeeze out of my financial budget…so I put a letter and a check for $60.00 dollars and a gift for you and your family DML. Then I read the questions & answers you put on here, hope you still let me have the discount of 16% you offered, sorry! Thanks for all the insight and shared experiences you have lived and continue to live! God Bless always!

  10. Dennis, just disregard my previous comment about monthly payments. I have paid $100 thru PayPal. Now I have another question: how can I stop my monthly donations, sorry, can’t afford both – subscription and donations.

  11. Thanks DML…. a subscription service is a great solution to your social woes. I was just curious what the 50 x 50 ad size would look like. Is it just text? Will you also have other advertising options available?

  12. I’m not always able to listen to your live shows in the morning and often times watch in the evenings. With level 2 subscription, am I only allowed to watch during the live show? or do I have access to your walk and talks and the Truth later in the day?

  13. Dennis I’m on the 99 cent subscription every month but since you have discontinued it on Facebook I need to cancel it but can’t find how to do it.
    I’ve been watching you for about 6 years now and have bought your Coming To America tapes as well as I continue to order your CBD oils. Really miss seeing your lives as well as seeing Miss Mary but I need to cancel the 99 cent club. I still listen to your podcasts and get your emails daily.
    Please cancel my 99 cent subscription to tell me how to do it.
    Thank you so much!! ❤️


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