TEAM DML refers to my dedicated readers, viewers and donors who help fuel my mission for a better America.

TEAM DML pushes back on the media when it shows complete and utter bias.

It holds elected officials accountable by making phone calls to them when necessary.

TEAM DML always stands for truth, honesty, and the national anthem.

TEAM DML believes the American people deserve better than what is being offered today by the media and DC, which is best described as “division.” 

TEAM DML believes the American people should operate as one team, even when we disagree.

TEAM DML believes in treating every person equally and fairly, and we believe strongly in the rule of law.

TEAM DML shuns against those who are radical, violent, hateful and / or dishonest.

We believe in the freedom of speech, but we frown upon hate speech.

We do not believe social media should censor people for their political beliefs, regardless of how they lean.

TEAM DML may not always agree on who the president should be, or how he or she should carry through on a policy, but we firmly believe in respecting the Office of the President no matter who is in office.

To learn more, you can join TEAM DML for free.  Start by requesting access to our Facebook group.