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The Crazy Left Podcast is 40-minutes for this day Wednesday, January 19, 2022.

Elizabeth Warren has a solution to help the sinking ship of the Biden Administration. An old Biden statement resurfaces. The Dems want to end the filIbuster they once cherished. DANA White tells it as it is and much more!

The Crazy Left Podcast with host Alec Lace is a TeamDML production. Lace, who is a full time mechanic for the New Jersey railroad system and part time Uber Driver, uses his unapologetic, no nonsense style to expose the radical left in a way that is both serious and hysterically funny.

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  1. Look what is setting in our house with the red button at his command.
    All I can say is ! If you didn’t believe in the One True Living God of Heaven Then you had better start. Because he is what is holding us together. It’s not just her ! America is being run by the inmates of the biggest insane asylum the world has ever seen. This bunch of mentality destroyed people have made our great country a laughing stock of the whole world.
    They are wondering where the Americans are that would not put up with this. We are waiting to be attacked because this weak evil thing and his comrades are insane and incapable of running this country.
    They get more violent and more ridiculous with insane speeches and remarks. It used to be everyday It’s now every time they open their mouths

  2. First of all let me assure you I do not need to be told to believe in God I know that Jesus Christ is my savior so that offends me. I’m not sure who you are I don’t even know why I’m getting this comment from you but I can assure you that I am very well aware of the evil that is so-called running this country and I also know that God is watching every move that they make because it is God‘s will in God‘s time and it is in God‘s hands sounds to me like you need to get a grip on that. Secondly if you think for one second that things are not going in behind the curtain that is in our favor than you have. You have lost all faith and all hope I suggest that you get on your knees and say a prayer for the country and the people of this country who are Christian and believe in the word of God. And by the way that much brain does not have the button to a damn thing I promise you he does not

  3. You assume a lot yourself Dg zahran! If what she said offends you, too bad! She wasn’t talking to anyone specifically, moron!!!


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