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The Crazy Left Podcast is 43-minutes for this day, January 5, 2022.

Two woke ASU Students are admitted into the Looney Bin. A Tennessee college is offering big bucks to push CRT. Biden makes another blunder. Trump rents space in Ann Navarro’s head. More Covid-19 Craziness + other stories from the liberal front.

The Crazy Left Podcast with host Alec Lace is a TeamDML production that airs every Monday and Wednesday by noon EST. Lace, who is a full time mechanic for the New Jersey railroad system and part time Uber Driver, uses his unapologetic, no nonsense style to expose the radical left in a way that is both serious and hysterically funny.

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  1. Trump won and we know it and the Democrats brought and paid for the riot That’s what happened he won by a landslide 80 million people and they switched it on regular TV We all saw it 780,000 switched in 7 seconds

  2. My five year old granddaughter goes to Chicago Public School. After Christmas break she was so excited to see her teacher and friends again on Monday. Tuesday night at 11:00 PM the Chicago Teacher’s Union decided to walk out leaving the parents in a lurch. Kids need to be in the classroom! Last year the teacher’s Union wanted all the teachers vaxxed. Now they want all the kids vaxxed. I’m sure that’s what’s behind all this. It’s all purely political. And Lightfoot plays it down the middle saying kids are safer in the classroom yet kowtows to the Union! They should all be fired if they don’t get back to work.


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