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DML NEWS APP reported Thursday about a Florida school board that voted Wednesday to require all students and faculty to wear masks inside schools for the fall semester, a policy at odds with Gov. Ron DeSantis’s stance against making face covers compulsory.  The report triggered DML NEWS APP founder, Dennis Michael Lynch, to cut ties with an organization run by one of the board members.

According to the report, school board member Lori Alhadeff said she wanted to make the semester “as normal as possible” and originally supported making masks optional, but she changed her mind due to the rising cases of COVID-19 resulting from the highly transmissible delta variant, according to WLRN-TV.

Alhadeff became a school board member shortly after her daughter was killed in the Parkland school shooting that took place on Valentine’s Day 2018.  Currently, Alhadeff and her husband operate a charity focused on promoting school safety programs and legislation.

Dennis Michael Lynch also serves as the founder of The DML Foundation, a 501(c)3 charity that funds individuals and organizations that make America a better place. In a tweet issued on July 29, and in response to an article about the mask mandate published in the Miami Herald, DML writes, “The DML Foundation 501(c)3 donates thousands of $ annually to MAKE OUR SCHOOL SAFE, a charity led by Parkland parent / Broward board member Lori Alhadeff. My foundation hereby ENDS its donations. Any person who supports forcing a child to wear a mask puts that child in harms way.”

“I have been a big supporter of Lori and her initiatives. I met her during my reporting on the Parkland school shooting, she is a loving mother who lost her beloved daughter.  Her story touched my heart. I donated to her charity (Make Our Schools Safe) shortly after she launched the organization. My financial support has been significant and ongoing, and I planned to donate $10,000 to her charity this year, but after learning about her vote to force masks on kids I can no longer give my support.  Any parent, school faculty, teacher, or board member who forces a kid to wear a mask is ignoring the science, ignoring the obvious, and putting kids in harms way,” DML told DML NEWS APP.  “I will continue to consider her a friend, and I will continue to pray for her family, but making schools safe should include keeping a student free of wearing dangerous, bacteria grabbing masks that hamper a child’s ability to breathe, communicate, learn, and smile.”

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  1. Thank you DML they are destroying Our Youth when there is No Truth there is Nothing . Destruction from within Thank You For All You Do

  2. DML, nobody cares about your support. I’m not trying to sound rude when I say that, but really, NOBODY will report your withdrawal of support, and NOBODY there follows you, if any maybe a couple of people.

    • Apparently; you care enough to follow him like a magnet; close enough to use your valuable allotted time on earth to reply to his news articles which you are attentively following😊.

      • I feel we have trolls coming in now. I’ve noticed some replies singling out people with rude names. I may make a comment that people don’t like but I don’t single out people unless they are the instigator. . But I’m through with people attacking conservatives.

    • Truth Slap. Nice name. If you had any guts you’d post your real name. But having them follow me on Twitter, a tool I rarely use, means nothing to me. And I care LESS about any articles being written other than this one. My goal is not a widespread exodus from a small charity that nobody follows on Twitter (400+ followers). I do not measure people by their Twitter numbers, if I did I’d be a fan of Obama because he has more than anyone else. My financial support means something to the charity, and now it’s gone. I’m not trying to sound rude, but really, NOBODY cares what you have to write other than me so you may want to check your negativity at the door. And get a better fake name, or get the balls to post your real one.

    • Truth slap, Well aren’t you a bully. Thank You DML for doing the right thing. The children should not have to try to breath and communicate thru the germ collecting masks all day.

    • Then why are YOU following DML?
      DML has every right to donate where he feels fit.
      This new mask mandate is not only damaging to children, but another punch to the American people.
      By the way, if you don’t think DML’s $10,000 donation to the school “ WON’T “ make a difference, then you have your head up your ass.

  3. Couldn’t have said it better than Robert ONeil and DML… “Stand up response from a stand up guy.” Children wearing masks should be the parents’ decision, NOT a mandate.

  4. I do not have any children in school but I’m telling you right now if I did they would not be going to any public school anywhere that they are made to wear a mask all day follow the science people DML with you 100%

  5. Thank you for standing firm and committed to your beliefs. More We The People should also put our money where our mouth is!! You are truly a man of INTEGRITY! Donna & Dennis Wheeler

  6. I agree with you Dennis wholeheartedly, kids should not be wearing these face diapers for 8hrs a day or more. It only hinders their breathing, makes them sick and they will.have emotional problems later on down the road.

  7. Totally agree! This move to mandate masks in schools falls short of all school’s mission statement/policies, to provide a safe environment for all students. Masks are harmful to children both mentally and physically especially when worn the 7 to 7 1/2 hour period of school time each day… It has been proven.
    This seems a political decision by Broward County School Board rather than what is moral and that is to keep our children safe.
    I will agree with DML’s position to pull the donation. The decision for masks in schools by school board, Ms. Alhadeff, does not fit the standard of the DML Foundation!

  8. Good for you DML. & thank you for supporting children’s rights to breath without mask. Glad you replied to Truth Slap. It appears the liberals are infiltrating your app. Thankfully most people on here have common sense. I’m sorry but I for one will come back at attacking comments . Hopefully that doesn’t get me kicked off but unfortunately I have a hard time dealing with liberals anymore. Opinions are like butt holes every body has one. But some stink worse than others.

  9. I have grandchildren in school. I think it’s wrong to force these kids into the political BS that idiot adults are pushing. These vaccines weren’t even approved by the CDC. We’re just being used as rats in a political war Demorats against Republicans. Pushing fear again is BS and it needs to stop. Our kids are the future. What is this teaching them? I’m sick of this.

  10. You are doing the right thing and standing up for what you believe in. Whether it’s $10 or $10,000 they should be putting health and safety of children first. You can get covid with or with out shot and you can get covid with or with out mask so why in this free country of ours can We the people not make that decision for ourselves and our children.

  11. It was written by the cdc that some vaccinated people can carry the delta variant. What if different makers put that in the vaccine? Some may get it others won’t; some get sick from the vaccine. It makes you wonder. My husbands’ heart dr. Recommended it, so we got it. 75 and 68 yrs old. But why still wear a mask. Crazy world. No I don’t think kids should wear masks. More people at the grocery stores are wearing them. Some not wearing them correctly thou. If it were not for my husbands heart history I think we would of just used your CBD projects. Which we do use! Thanks for being there for us DML!

    • Why don’t they give all the kids CBD products to make sure their immune systems are bolstered (and anything else known to boost the immune system)? And then the school board would not feel the need to use the kids as political pawns and we could avoid all the psychological problems these kids will have in the future along with the money that it will cost to deal with it.

  12. I don’t have children in school but if did I would definetly be home schooling them. Find a way like maybe parents make a group to assist each other to home schooling children. Or maybe find out when head count days are for the school and keep your children home those days.

  13. Yes good for you , you have to stand with what you believe and support it , but when ian organization changes its direction for the UN betterment of who its supposed to advocate for , continuing to support it shows an AGREEANCE to thier cause . Smart of you to part ways

  14. Thank you Dennis ! Our children and grandchildren need every person that cares to stand strong and do everything in their power to protect Gods most innocent ❤️🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  15. DML I support you 100% . We must protect the children. Why isn’t our uselessness cdc recommending to close the border

  16. From all I have read and researched and listened to a Dr that was a guest on News Max last night maskes give very little protection so a pretty much just face jewelry for lack of a better description. In my personal opinion it’s just another form of control and keeping us scared. Yes the Civid is here and yes its changing but trying to find honest hard facts in all but impossible. Kids di not belong in a mask all day leave them out of the game playing and let them be kids!

  17. It is a fact that children are far less likely to get Covid than adults so it seems the masks are to protect the teachers and faculty? So why not have all the adults wear masks (that don’t work anyway) and let the kids be kids? STOP WITH THE SCARE MONGERING!


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