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Written by DML
On Friday evening my phone received a text message from my buddy Tom. He’s a fellow conservative, and an honest family man. I’ve known him for 25-years. We agree on most political topics and issues, and so we’ll occasionally share links and videos.  With that in mind, we are both very busy people.  Therefore, we do not share links and videos that are filled with nonsense. We share things only when they are really important and eye-popping.

Tom contacted me on Friday to share a video he watched from the 72-hour election integrity event held by MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell.  Tom said, “You have to watch the entire video. It’s of a man who ran for the US Senate.”

I admit I did not watch Lindell’s entire 72-hour event.  I did invest a few hours, however.  I did watch Lindell and a few presenters like Captain K.  I found the information to be interesting, and I appreciated how each presenter took the time to explain what they found when investigating the 2020 election.  Like many Americans, I have little faith in our elections.  I think the elections are a total mess, prone for mistakes, open for fraud, and led by people who are not very smart.  I struggle each day to understand how 83 million people would vote for Biden.

Although the information presented at Lindell’s event was very powerful at times, I did not see the one huge smoking gun that can be presented to the Supreme Court with the outcome being an overturned election.  For those who disagree with me, keep in mind that there was not a single website with large distribution, including right-leaning destinations like Brietbart and Daily Wire, to publish any articles or videos highlighting a smoking gun from Lindell’s event.  In other words, Mike hasn’t found OJ’s knife.  Although we all believe OJ did it, we need the murder weapon with the DNA and blood. I think most people believe the smoking gun is out there, assuming it hasn’t been deleted in full.  With that said, I did see enough information from Lindell and team to make a basis for more investigations to be launched, and if nothing else there needs to be a 50-state forensic audit.

Tom and I spoke about the event on the phone for 20-minutes, and we both agreed that Lindell should be commended for his tireless work.  Without the MyPillow mogul’s unbridled passion and willingness to pull out his thick wallet, there would be no further discussions or events about 2020.  Thus, we all owe him a big thank you.

Tom asked if I saw the presentation given by Dr. Shiva, a technology guru who ran for the US Senate seat currently held by Elizabeth Warren.  I told him I did not see the presentation.  Tom urged me to invest the 35-minutes into Shiva’s claims.  “You’ve got to see what this guys presents about big tech and how they work with the government,” demanded Tom.  I agreed to watch the video based on his recommendation.

As sad as I am about the information presented by Dr. Shiva, I am happy I watched the video.  Every American needs to watch the video!  Be you a Democrat, Republican, or Independent, the information presented by Shiva is eye-popping and downright alarming.  Using his own story of running for Congress, Shiva outlines a timeline and series of events and documents that made a strong case that social media and government agencies are playing outside the rules.  It’s hard not to believe that Shiva is onto something; he says social media giants and the government work together to censor people. His proof appears solid, and it raises questions about election integrity, COVID, and where we are headed as a nation.

As as a guy who is good as dead on Twitter (my tweets are always suppressed and barely visible to my followers), I had a hard time punching holes into Shiva’s presentation.  You have go to watch and share his video.   If you find a hole, tell me.  Scroll down for the video.  Do not shortchange yourself.  Watch the ENTIRE video.


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  1. Dr Shiva has 4 MIT degrees. He knows what he is talking about.

    Mike has the evidence! If you go to you can watch all three of his documentaries. Absolutely 9-0 has a sampling of the packet captures data. Just this sampling alone overturns the election. It shows 20 instances with IP addresses, time stamp, location, and votes switched in real time. Before you say there is no “smoking gun” you must watch this and the other two documentaries. Watch the presentation by Dr Frank regarding the algorithms he discovered in all 50 states.

    • DML, OBVIOUSLY you didn’t watch the whole symposium! Yes, they do have PLENTY, of “smoking guns”! Putting them together, and how they are presented is a step to be taken, but yes they have OJ’s knife! My concern is will SCOTUS take it, and if they do, how will they vote? My belief is they should have taken the first case, as there was precedence! Watch the whole thing, DML BEFORE RUNNING YOUR MOUTH!

    • DM go on or on her telegram channel and read her affidavit!! Ron Is a shill!! That whole mess was infiltrated. Poor Mike lindell I feel so bad for him I’m praying and I’ll see if I can share the affidavit here

  2. At Dr Shiva’s last hearing in July, it was discussed with him that the record about his case be “sealed”
    I do not know where it stands currently but I do not think he will agree with that. He is a true brilliant patriot who is fighting for FREEDOM! Support him.

  3. D.M.L I too found Dr. Shiva’s presentation to be the most compelling and frightening of the entire 72hrs, I was able to watch / listen for most of it. I have very few followers but even my content has been “moderated” to the extent that I could find no wholes in his presentation. Thank you for taking the time to watch his presentation. And sharing with your followers here on DML.

  4. Dennis, I have been a fan of your since I first saw your Walk n Talks back in the spring of 2016. You know what you are talking about and I listen to you regularly. I have shared your posts so many times on FB that I have lost many friends and family members. Please look at what Mike presents on his website.

  5. A friend of mine is the former governor of an important province in the Philippines. Young, handsome, charming, intelligent, and rich, he also seemed to be a popular governor. Yet he lost his election. Over drinks, I asked him what had happened. He told me that the representative of the electronic voting machine company had approached him before the election, saying that if he wanted to be re-elected governor, he would need to pay 10 million pesos down now and another 20 million more after the election. My friend refused, and subsequently he lost the election. He was so disillusioned that he quit politics altogether. We now know the voting machines came from Dominion/Smartmatic. Our conversation was five years ago.

  6. DML I’m very surprised you haven’t heard Dr. Shiva’s story before, it has been out there awhile. Another person to take a look at is Sean Parnell, his congressional loss is another head scratcher. These are 2 people who are very vocal with their stories, but there are so many. My own district in NY I am very skeptical of.

  7. So awesome! So much truth! This is why I’m an independent and don’t trust our government! It’s becoming so difficult to find truth. Dr. Shriva, please keep up the fight!

  8. Thank you DML for posting Dr. Shiva’s part of the video. I couldn’t watch it live at that moment. I wanted to listen/watch his take apart from the other forensic experts. I’ve heard of him and seen many videos of him.

  9. I saw the video last year regarding Dr. Shiva’s claim on election fraud when he ran for Senate. I find him to be a man of integrity and credibility. He has the tenacity to fight for righteousness. I pray he succeeds to bring forth truth and justice to the arena of political corruption. God Bless Him.

  10. I watched a lot of the 3 day conference via Frankspeech and it was compelling. Sincerely appreciate Mike Lindell and all the speakers! Impeach Biden, etc. 50 states need Federal Audits!

  11. DML, would you consider reaching out to Mike Lindell, possibly helping him polish up his presentation? You are a professional film maker. Mike does not have that expertise and he has never put on an event like this before. He could use your help

  12. Too bad we have pussies in the Republican Party who have NO backbone to fight the fraud in the 2020 Presidential election! My heart hurt for Mike Lindell. He has fought for this harder than any private citizen should with NO backing from those in charge of our beloved country! God help us all

    • You are so very right. Mike Lindell will be blessed for his righteous stance against the powerful evil forces in Washington. The American people have sit back complacent and allowed this to happen. Now everyone wants to stick their head in the sand and pretend it’s not real. Our freedom is worth fighting for. The one man that gave up his freedom for 4 years to fight alone President Trump was cheated out of an election. He had no support from the Republican party. Wonder how many states are like Massachusetts that are Republicans in name only? Everyone appears to be afraid of mail in ballots but I keep reminding them as long as Dominion voting machines are being used they’ll never be another fair election.
      The American people must rise up and fight or we will be forever a third world socialist country. Is that what everyone wants for their children and grandchildren?

  13. Dennis, I have tremendous respect for the work you do and agree with almost everything you say. But “no smoking gun” is not accurate. The Mesa County (Colorado) forensic images of before and after a Dominion employee deployed an “update” on May 25, 2021 is the smoking gun. It was such a bombshell development that they completely changed the activities of the symposium. This symposium was supposed to be all about the “packet captures” showing China stole the election. This wasn’t even showed once due to the fact that the Mesa County development was so much more damning. I implore you to go back and rewatch from about 8-9pm on night 1 through the afternoon on day 2. That’s all you need right there…

  14. As someone who didn’t and couldn’t sit and watch the symposium, were the P CAPS ever presented? I kept hearing that was the smoking gun? Also heard that he was hacked so bad that they withheld that due to possibly of losing them or having them altered somehow during the presentation. Anyone?

  15. Dennis: No smoking gun??? Oh my gosh!! You are so inaccurate. I watched almost the entire Symposium, incuding Dr. Shiva. Along with many, many very intelligent tech people giving us ALL the smoking guns possible!! Step by step how the fraud was executed. A person could not watch the Symposium without coming away knowing for sure that our elections are chock full of fraud!! Thank you for publishing Dr. Shiva’s part for sure! It was all worth my time and I find myself astounded that it wasn’t allowed to be aired on at least one station on TV. The media are losers. So much evil in our world!!!

  16. I believe that Mike Lindell was asked to hold back on some information. Like the person previous the white hats aren’t throwing all the moves out yet. Just getting your attention!
    Except for the media and a few others!

  17. Dominion & Democrats are getting very nervous.
    Dominion should be going to jail until they produce the information requested.
    INJUNCTION should be requested to protect information
    on Dominion equipment.

  18. I too agree Mike could use your help to get this message out. It cannot be just him. You have the knowledge and the talent to get out this message. Please consider this country is going to be lost.

  19. Thank you thank you thank you for all the work you do, and for getting this important talk out by Dr Shiva!
    I hope Mike Lindell puts all if this on CDs in anticipation of it being deleted by the rulers. We know the election was hokey. Too bad all the ballots & machines could not have been turned off & put under trustworthy armed guards after voting day.
    Also, Software engineers will attest that code can be written to alter calculations and then.delete itself!
    Our battle now is to prevent the usurping of the election process that we witnessed last year from not occurring again!
    The usurpers will probably try to use the viral variants in 2022–it’s why they are visciously going after FL. If FL policies succeed, how to justify mail ins?
    God bless

  20. Selections not election. I had heard that before from many ppl including Trad Cat Knight.
    Ben Swann and the left right paradigm, the political party’s are both in it together.
    It’s time ppl wake up I am going to the Dr’s website. Thank God for him and Mike Lindell!! Get rid of those electronic voting machines!!

  21. Thank you, thank you!! You are truly a journalist who tells it like it is. Even though I believe you don’t think this will get anywhere. I’m glad you reported it.. while nobody did ( main stream).

  22. I have been saying over and over on here that if the election fraud is not fixed we do not have a country it’s just an illusion with all of this fraud working behind the scenes just like the evidence Dr. Shiva and Mike Lindell have uncovered. Why talk about anything…any issue??…including the border. If voter fraud is mot exposed we have NOTHING…Not even CBD will help! Get on board with Mike Lindell Dennis …you are one that could actually help make a difference if you will just admit the severity of this problem. The way I see it is we are DONE if we do not start a populist ground up movement to END VOTER FRAUD! NO MORE MACHINES!!! Thank you for posting this! Finally It’s a start on your part!!

  23. DML I follow you more than most cuz you seem to be up to date and ahead of the crowd. However I disagree with your ”no smoking gun” comments. I think you should forget all your CBD oil crap ($) and do what is right for our country. Join Mike in his fight to save us from the evils within. It would be time better spent in my opinion.🙏
    Thank you for being a loyal patriot!🇺🇸

  24. Yes, Dr. Shiva was convincing. but the clincher was the Mathematician following that plotted the moving Second Derivative of the votes of hundreds/thousands of polling stations, AND those moving Second Derivatives were all identical. That doesn’t happen in the physical universe. It only happens if you are plotting the results of a complex function. In other words, all those voting machines were being manipulated similarly. Those two Scientists had never met, and. in fact, had never heard of each other. They stood on that stage having just proven identical results using “Worlds Apart Methods” to prove the same results.

  25. Yes, Dr. Shiva was convincing. but the clincher was the Mathematician following that plotted the moving Second Derivative of the votes of hundreds/thousands of polling stations, AND those moving Second Derivatives were all identical.

    That doesn’t happen in the physical universe. It only happens if you are plotting the results of a complex function. In other words, all those voting machines were being manipulated similarly. Those two Scientists had never met, and. in fact, had never heard of each other. They stood on that stage having just proven identical results using “Worlds Apart Methods” to prove the same results.


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