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The Wine & Talk is 56-minutes for the first 2022 episode.

DML and Miss Mary speak about an array of topics:

  • Dennis Loves Watching Cobra Kai on Netflix
  • Mary crashes her bike into a bush
  • Why Florida is greatest state
  • Free bread in a snow storm in Va
  • Snowflake liberals and the covid craziness
  • Talking to plants
  • Donating to those in need
  • Sunsets, and karate in bed

Listen to the program!


  1. I think ur plants that r crispy, r getting too much direct sun. They should b moved. The leaves r cooking. Put ur finger in the soil. Is it dry? Then water.
    Pick plants that can take direct sun. The tags in the plant pots will advise u to their care.

  2. Understand what an IDIOT Gavin Newsom is. Last week he announced FREE HEALTHCARE for all living in California Legal an Illegal. He was happy to be the 1st in all Fifty States for this socialist give away. He will be running for President and hopefully not successful like VP Kankles Harris.


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