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The Wine & Talk is one hour for this day, February 6.

DML and Miss Mary get a bit political tonight. Overall, they speak about clean living, Alec Baldwin’s airport meltdown, Biden picking a black female for SCOTUS, Covid craziness, emails, and uncomfortable doctor’s appointments.

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  1. I heard if you use Xlear nasal spray (available over the counter) before testing you will not test positive. Since the virus begins in the nasal passages regular use of the spray will keep the virus from replicating.

  2. : Thanks Dennis and Mary for an entertaining Wine & Talk. So great to hear the times you are having together more often.

  3. Love the wine and talk. But this is why us southerners are not always happy about people from up north moving to the south… why? Because we don’t mind you coming but if you come to change us plz don’t we are happy just the way we are! The southern hospitality will grow on you if you let it… Oh and leave the voting left ways up north too. Everyone goes to the DMV every one hates it. Uo side is you only have to go once a year maybe.. lol. I just bought CBD from you all can’t wait til I can try it. I am a freak about putting thing in my body. After being addicted to OxY for 10 years and being sober for 11 I can assure you I am scared of every thing. So fingers crossed this works for me. I have sever DDD/arthritis and a whole list of BS that I could go on and on about. But I do trust DML I been a listener since the newsmax thing.and hope that one day he runs for office one day.. I tell everyone that will listen about his news app and his CBD.. and what wonderful kids you all have. Thanks for all you do.


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