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Dennis Michael Lynch (DML) and his beautiful wife Miss Mary discuss the hottest topics of the week.

The couple starts off talking about a woman who gave birth at 57 years old. DML tries to sell Mary the idea of having another baby at 52.

The conversation then turns to Bill Cosby being released from jail.  Miss Mary ain’t happy.

Other topics include:

  • Joe Biden claiming victory over 16¢ being saved for the common July 4 BBQ
  • Campus reform captures college students stating how terrible America is today
  • The anti-flag actions of Olympian Gwen Berry
  • The efforts taking place in Miami as the recovery stage starts in the building collapse


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  1. The disgruntled young adults bashing the USA are cheap photocopies of AOC… shallow, ignorant, naive..but sadly these dimwits are our future and a large voting block.

  2. Re: Bill Cosby. Yeah he was scum but those women knew what was coming. Back in those days, quaaludes and booze was like today’s weed and MDMA. Most of these women were all looking for fame and a fast track in the Hollywood industry so they were fine with giving up the poon tang. The women came back with buyer’s remorse.

  3. Great podcast Mary and Dennis it’s what we are all in line with…we are so seeing this over our country and I’m trying to educate my grandsons everyday and putting our country first 🇺🇸 and letting them know we are the best and need to keep ourselves above the other countries who don’t embrace our freedoms 🇺🇸

  4. Thank you Dennis and Mary for the W&T. Enjoy your Independence Day and hot dogs! We need a miracle to get this country back in shape. Let’s hope soon.🇺🇸🇺🇸🎉


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