They Come to America IV: The Cost of Politics (2019)

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They Come to America IV: The Cost of Politics (2019)

The forth film in a series of immigration films from Dennis Michael Lynch focuses on the 2020 elections and the mess at the southern border caused by inconsistent messaging by politicians, and a complete failure to enforce the law. DML claims this film is the best of his four documentaries on the topic of immigration, and everything he predicts in the film came true in 2020 and 2021.

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  1. I haven’t seen two of his documentaries, but assuming he’s right, I think this is probably the best documentary that exists to date about border security from the pro-law-enforcement point of viewpoint.

  2. N a few days there will b no borders 4 us anymore. How many ppl does our government think the US can handle before we’re literally overflowing like a dam that has burst and water (ppl)is rushing n until we r pushed out of our on country. We need to do something. We have to vote these ppl out of government! Dems and Republicans alike. If America is not their top priority then they gotta go. When is enough enough?? Come to my country but do it the right way. The only way I see fixing it is to stop offering asylum anymore. Shut it down everywhere. If our government can’t/refuses to do something about this then we show them how to do it. Send the illegals to epstein Island or bidens island But get them out of America. It’s past time to stop playing nice!!


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