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Written by DML
I voted for Trump mostly because of his promises on immigration.  Our nation deserves a secure border.  Unfortunately, nothing has changed under Trump, and so I am disappointed in the lost opportunity.

Some people will argue that Trump is not to blame.  They point to a do-nothing Congress, and to an open-borders favoring Democratic Party.  These people who defend Trump on immigration have a valid argument.  Others will defend Trump on immigration simply because he is, well, Trump.

That said, there are times when defending Trump is not only a losing argument, but a general fight against the truth.  Case in point: Trump’s presser with Putin.

I have said it a million times, Trump is a great marketer, and he deserves mounds of credit for the economy, but he is a poor leader when it comes to humbling himself. Real leaders put others before themselves. Trump put himself before his entire country while standing next to Putin.

Putin is one of the most dishonest, brutal leaders of our lifetime.  He is no friend to the US.  One should not overlook that fact.

Putin played Trump like a grand piano during the presser held in Helsinki yesterday, and although I know it has everything to do with his ego, the Democrats will use this as fuel to enrage the “Russia collusion” fire.

Democrats who have no other objective than to hang Trump by his ankles will say Trump’s inability to call out Putin for meddling in the 2016 election proves that he indeed colluded with Russia.  This is nonsense.

Trump didn’t denounce Putin because Trump hates the idea that some people think he won the election by means of cheating.  Trump’s ego is so big, that he allows this sort of thinking to control his better judgement.

Instead of questioning our intelligence agencies on the national stage and defending Putin as if he is an innocent leader unfairly accused of meddling in our elections, Trump should have said is that he never colluded with the Russians, and that Russia, or any nation, meddling in our elections is wrong and unacceptable, and that Putin needs to publicly agree never to do such a thing going forward.  This sort of statement would have been mere rhetoric, but it wouldn’t have been a slap in the face — and what Trump did yesterday was a slap in the face to the America he is supposed to defend.

As far as I am concerned, when dealing with Putin, Trump fell right in line with Obama and Hillary yesterday.  I say this because I squirmed in my carseat as I listened to him allow Putin to come away looking like Jesus.

And then later on to watch Sean Hannity kiss Trump’s ass even more than he already does was pathetic.  How can Hannity hold that interview and not make a single reference to what Trump said about our intelligence and Putin’s meddling?

Hannity’s opening monologue was just what I thought it would be… all about Obama and Hillary.   Although I am no fan of Obama or Hillary, they are old news and irrelevant in how Trump handled himself.

Hannity tried to pawn off that “Russia hacking” is no new news, and this was all about nuclear war being avoided. Seriously, Sean? Putin having nuclear weapons is really old news, and there is no real threat of nuclear war.  Talk about spin room fear mongering!

Hannity, in my opinion, has become all about his ratings, and although he would be the first to say he is not a journalist, people who watch him often believe he is delivering “the news.”  That’s how sad the media has become as a whole — the public deserves better.

I know Sean all too well —  had it been Obama who pulled the crap Trump pulled yesterday, he’d be ranting and raving for weeks about how Obama is anti-American and in dissing our intel agencies he puts American lives at risk.  And when that storyline got old, Sean would revert to comments about how Obama slapped every Marine and Army Soldier in the face when he pimped Putin.  But because it’s Trump, and because Hannity feels emboldened by his place at the top of Trump’s phone list, he plays the kiss-ass card.

Putin must be laughing his ass off today.  It is his intent to divide America and weaken our nation as a whole by making himself appear as the strongest leader in the world.  Hannity and Trump fed that flame by playing right into Putin’s playbook.

That said, the staunch Trump and Hannity lovers who bow at the alter to these men will hate on me for my honesty here today.  Therefore, I guess it’s that time of year again when we shake the trees and rid of the dead leaves.  I prefer to call it pruning.

Reminder: I am not a subscriber to the RIGHT v LEFT war.   I understand the LEFT has their wackos, but so does the RIGHT.  And I understand the mainstream media is getting worse by the day, but so to is Hannity.   At some point you have to ask yourself if you are RIGHT v LEFT, or RIGHT v WRONG.

All I know is this:  If I had room for just one bumper sticker on my car, and I had to chose between I LOVE AMERICA, I LOVE TRUMP, or I LOVE HANNITY, it wouldn’t take more than a nanosecond to determine which one gets put on.

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  1. Hi DML,

    Was a tough article to read, but I am glad you wrote it. I guess it hit me on multiple levels. It’s sad that the days of pushing from Trump seem to be gone from your reporting. It is also sad that you might be right.

    There is an incredible amount of misdirection going on. There’s powerful people playing games with the foundation of our democracy. Anyway thanks for your honest opinion, as always.


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