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Former President Donald J. Trump has declared his support for a Republican candidate for Wisconsin governor, but the candidate would not return the favor.

On Monday, during a town hall event, Trump-backed candidate Tim Michels fell short of offering support to Trump if he should he run for president again in 2024. He also indicated he may be willing to decertify Trump’s 2020 loss in the battleground state and said he did not think Trump did anything wrong on Jan. 6, 2021.

“2024? I’m focused on this election right now,” Michels said. “I have made no commitment to any candidates in 2024. What I am focused on is beating Tony Evers.”

ABC News reports:

The winner of next week’s primary will advance to face Democratic Gov. Tony Evers in November. Whoever wins will be governor during the 2024 presidential race and in position to sign, or veto, election law changes passed by Wisconsin’s conservative-controlled Legislature.

Trump has hung heavy over the Republican primary race for governor. He endorsed Michels, who co-owns an energy and infrastructure construction company, passing over Kleefisch who served eight years as lieutenant governor under Scott Walker. She scored an endorsement from Pence last week.

Michels said he won Trump’s endorsement because he is a businessman and political outsider. But he refused to say he would support Trump in 2024.

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  1. I will not show one ounce of support to anyone who doesn’t back Trump 100%.. period. To me, it is pure idiocy not to support the greatest President in my lifetime who made USA the great country it was and should always be. Only fools who are jealous of the man who made America Great Against n.

  2. LydiaMay That’s exactly what I was thinking 🤔. I have been on the fence between Ramthun and Michels but I’m now leaning towards Ramthun.

  3. It could be his political strategy too. But I don’t get good vibes about him either. Maybe the lieutenant governor would be a better choice.

  4. Just another user! He’ll take Trump’s help but will stab Trump in the back at the first opportunity. Sounds like a RINO

  5. An endorsement from Pence isn’t worth a farthing.

    Wisconsin absolutely should decertify the 2020 election, based on the evidence we’ve already seen.

    A GOP candidate should not be expected to endorse for president someone who hasn’t even announced his candidacy. But once Trump declares he is running, all loyal Americans should support him. He is our rightful president, after all, and he did a great job in most respects.


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