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On Tuesday, supporters of former President Donald Trump held a huge rally outside the Michigan State Capitol Building, demanding an audit of the 2020 presidential election.

Participants at the event showed up with signs demanding an audit, along with Trump flags, US flags, and anti-Biden flags and signs.

The event featured a number of speakers, and the crowd was heard in video footage chanting, “We want an audit!” and “Let’s go Brandon!”, with the latter in reference to the now-viral chant that started when an NBC host falsely claimed that a “F**k Joe Biden” chant was “Let’s go Brandon.”

Trump, who has called for audits in all the battleground states where Biden was proclaimed the winner, responded to the Michigan rally by releasing a statement Wednesday morning.

Trump’s statement on the Michigan rally reads:

Big rally in Michigan yesterday, unbelievable spirit and knowledge of what went on with respect to voting and vote counting in the 2020 Presidential Election. Detroit, considered for many years to be one of the most corrupt places in the United States for elections (and many other things!), had large-scale irregularities so much so that two officials, at great risk to themselves and their families, refused to certify the results, and were sadly threatened.

Wasn’t it a fact that aside from other things, there were far more votes than voters? Even the RINOs on the Senate Committee found 289,866 absentee ballots that were sent to people who never requested them, “something that would be illegal.”

Why did they viciously kick out the Republican poll watchers? Seventy percent of Detroit’s mail-in ballot counting boards didn’t match, it was a total mess. Why won’t they give respected professionals and representatives at yesterday’s rally the right to do a Forensic Audit of Wayne County (Detroit) and Macomb County? That includes the RINOs in the State Senate and House who for, whatever reason, do nothing but obstruct instead of seeking the truth.

Hopefully, each one of these cowardly RINOs, whose names will be identified and forthcoming, will be primaried, with my Complete and Total Endorsement, in the upcoming election. Congratulations on the great rally yesterday!

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  1. When are the results going to be overturned, when will everyone wake up and see the truth, we are losing our freedom little by little everyday, we nee Trump back now not in 2022 or 2024 we need him now, where’s the Patriots that were going to take a stand, I can’t take much more of this, when is it going to end

  2. They didn’t do anything at all in AZ. They are back to sending ballots to people who do not live in AZ, are dead, or in the wrong area….whatever. Here a ballot, there a ballot, everywhere ballots for whoever, even illegals.


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