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Former President Donald Trump unleashed on Arizona Republican Gov. Doug Ducey in a fiery statement Friday evening.

“Rumors are that Doug Ducey, the weak RINO Governor from Arizona, is being pushed by Old Crow Mitch McConnell to run for the U.S. Senate. He will never have my endorsement or the support of MAGA Nation!” Trump wrote.

Politico reported on Thursday that speculation is rising “among state political insiders that Ducey is plotting a late entry into the Senate race has escalated in recent weeks.”

Trump is holding a rally in Florence, Arizona on Saturday, which is just 60 miles southeast of Phoenix.

Ducey had previously supported Trump, and campaigned for him in 2020, but the relationship has since crumbled over the results of the 2020 election in Arizona.

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  1. While I agree with Trump’s categorization of Gov. Ducey, if Trump doesn’t start to tone down the hyperbole and rhetoric he’ll not get renominated for President again . You can only shout at the dam for so long before people tune you out.


    • I have told this to others since Trump was first elected. His mouth is a double edge sword. While there are times when we all love it when he calls people out. There are times when he should keep it to himself. Just because he thinks something of someone, doesn’t mean he needs to share it publicly.

  3. I wish we could get DeSantis to run for President. I know the left would still attack him, but he doesn’t have as much baggage as Trump has in his past.

  4. Ducey has disappeared more times than the Great Houdini. He doesn’t stand a chance for Senate as the tried & true AZ conservatives have been fed up with him, since his re-election. He has consistently greased the pockets of his business chronies from his Cold Stone Creamery CEO days, and kissed the butts of his Chinese business buddies at the expense and compromise of Arizona residents and taxpayers. Trump is voicing what we are all feeling about the stolen election that Ducey is still accountable for and his Covid response was equally dismal and lame – showed absolutely no leadership and frankly caused me to wonder how he ever became a CEO, except as a kiss-ass.
    Those of you who want Trump to tone it down need to get on the right side of the fence, instead of sitting on it. Your timidity and complacency are pathetic if you continue to support any of the democrat or left agenda. Trump or DeSantis are right now, the only ones that can have an instant impact on the downward spiral we are currently in, as a state, and a republic. If you doubt me, look at the country and territories/provinces of Australia and Canada, and the Ducey-type hypocrites that are turning and allowing their residents’ freedoms into fully Totalitarian, socialist regimes. If they had a Trump-type in charge that would never happen. Read the Australian PM speech to the UN in 2021 and compare to his actions – totally opposite, total hypocrite. Not the case with Trump – WYSIWYG and what you hear is what you get, consistently.

    • Couldn’t agree more. H*ll, I signed the recall petition for Douchey, as he’s a fool! Glad Trump sounded off about him. Just wish I could’ve gotten tickets to tomorrow’s rally..I am only 20 miles away from Florence!

    • Yes, but wysiwyg often gives Trump’s enemies ammo to use against him. Politics are an ugly business. Trump can be honest, committed and truthful without sharing every thought. Trump is a business man. He comes from an entirely different world where the game is played differently. In politics, the wrong statement can cause you a whole lot of grief. It can sink your plans or delay your agenda.
      I love Trump, but his ego often gets over better judgement. Trump is blunt and that is both good and bad

      DeSantis I think is a lot like Trump only more subtle. He is better at playing the political game. He loves pointing out the hypocrisy of the left. I only wonder how his wife’s health might affect his future decisions.

      Both I believe have the fortitude to turn this country around. Just because some people see Trump’s fallacies, doesn’t mean they are sitting on the fence.

    • Very well said, more folks should tone it up like trump, not tone it down. We are in a fight for the existence of the USA, we had better be yelling.

  5. These folks that want a “TONED DOWN” Trump are the reason we have this clueless sleepy Joe Biden in Office! Trump in his statement said nothing wrong. He calls it as he and the majority of Americans see it. If you think Trump shoould tone it down nmaybe you should slide over to the democrats!

  6. Do you want to know why he won’t and shouldn’t tone it down. Because weak assed people telling him to tone it down won’t listen they still wanna believe we can quietly win this fight. That will never happen put your spurs on or sit in the corner. You forget so quickly how good we all had it under trump the lowest unemployment in 50 years . Energy independence,every working American had more for them in their paychecks. Prices lower you could take nice trips no wearing a diaper and yes he was right the only way to beat this is with the monoclonal antibodies and natural immunity this is never going away. You all forget everything trump said was going to happen if biden won is happening . So no speak up stand up or crawl in a corner. Not me ill stand thank you.

  7. Agree!!! President Trump is the only hope we have for the up coming elections. He is a master mind, let him do his best! The rest will follow.

  8. BINGO, you cannot play nice with these so called Republicans. Most just roll over and play dead to the DEMONcrates AND they do not stick together. F’n DEMONcrates are ruthless and republicans continue the theatrics without any action


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