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President Trump fulfilled his promise Thursday morning, releasing the entire, unedited version of his contentious interview with CBS reporter Leslie Stahl.

The interview took place at the White House on Tuesday, for a Sunday episode of “60 Minutes,” but it didn’t go well, and ended with Trump ending it himself.

President Trump posted the nearly 38-minute video on his Facebook page, then published a link to the video on Twitter.

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  1. 60 minutes is a joke! I would love to see Lesley ask Biden some hard questions…lol…I would pay lots of money. The media is so biased and it makes me sick.

  2. 60 minutes used to be good. I used to enjoy the show. How did Lesli Stahl get a job at60 minutes. This woman has to be the dumbest interviewer I’ve ever seen. Everybody knows the media has protected the Biden’s. Joe Biden is corrupted and has been filmed doing wrong. And his loser son should be in jail with “THE BIG GUY!
    And that witch Killary should be in prison for Benghazi alone.
    60 minutes you should fire Lesli and hire a real journalist. She’s a rude idiot. No guessing here she’s a POS liberal.


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