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Former President Trump blasted out a number of fiery statements Saturday evening, which were posted to Twitter by his spokesperson, Liz Harrington.

First, Trump tore into Joe Biden over his handling of the coronavirus in the United States.

He wrote:

I thought Joe Biden was “put in office” to eradicate the Coronavirus, despite the fact that he previously had failed so badly with the H1N1 pandemic. Well, I guess that didn’t work out too well because it was just announced that we’ve had more cases than ever before.

The only difference is, the Fake News doesn’t like reporting the real facts. They are the enemy of the people and more dishonest than they have ever been before.

Next, Trump blasted Rep. Adam Schiff over his participation in the January 6 Committee, as they are investigating and hunting down people who were involved in the Jan. 6 riot at the Capitol.

Trump wrote:

Do you believe that Shifty Adam Schiff is on the Committee concerning the 2020 protest when he was the one that scammed America and the World on the Russia, Russia, Russia Hoax?

He’s a sleezeball that has no credibility and is so bad for our Nation!

In another statement, Trump declared, “Anybody that doesn’t think there wasn’t massive Election Fraud in the 2020 Presidential Election is either very stupid, or very corrupt!”

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  1. Guess I’m not stupid or corrupt because I truly believe Trump really won. I know there are a lot of stupid and gullible people in the United States but there is no way Dementia driven Joey was elected honestly.

  2. Well there are very smart (dumb) people who would rather vote for dementia Joe simply cuz Trump is mean or people taking revenge against him not looking at our policies to base their vote on or clearly manipulated by the corrupt media.

  3. Read the word of God . God uses who he will
    Just like Truman . Trump was a modern day Cryus look that one up. He doesn’t look for perfect as he knows we all are sinners and come short of the glory of God He knows who his children are and who is not. I support Trump But with 80 republicans voting to allow the government to track and fill a database on Americans (nit illegals) if they do not take the dangerous jab That is killing more vaccinated people than those who are not. And with Biden considering on locking Americans down again Not illegals And stopping those without the jab from going across state lines
    What do you think is next The gestapo . And just wait until they figure out how to stop the newly elected representatives from taking their positions in January.
    You will be required to lay your life down To one or the other God or Satan And Satan rules All of those in our government throughout the entire country But we read the book We are in the battles now But the war has already been won by God It’s hell that is about to receive Satan and his children
    Decide to die standing or laying down ! Times run out !

  4. The last Presidential election was not a fair, balanced or legitimate election! It was a personality contest and the evil swamp rats didn’t like Trumps personality. They understood he would expose them all for the liars and cheats that they are. The rest of the dummies didn’t like the way he spoke and preferred phony political correctness. They got what they wished for and we all pay the price of lost freedom!!

  5. Americans don’t care to fucking dumb and lazy. They will standby and watch their country be destroyed and stolen from them right n front of their eyes,Trump keeps hinting to stand and fight but it falls on deaf and real dumb ears.


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