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The Biden administration is returning to the Pentagon billions in funds diverted by President Donald Trump to build the wall at the southwestern border, and plans to cancel all related construction contracts, an administration official told ABC News on Friday.

“Border wall construction under the previous administration tied up more than $14 billion in taxpayer funds, shortchanged our military, and diverted attention away from genuine security challenges, like human traffickers. Rushed and haphazard wall construction also resulted in serious life, safety, and environmental issues,” the official said.

The article goes on to state the following:

Amid its ongoing review to determine the fate of Trump’s border wall, the Biden administration also said it would launch two new projects along the 1,900-mile U.S.-Mexico border: one to fill holes in the Rio Grande Valley levee system left by the wall construction project, and another to address soil erosion in a 14-mile stretch of barrier construction by the Trump administration near San Diego, California.

The unnamed official reportedly told ABC News that neither project would involve building new border fencing.

The official also declared, “As Federal agencies continue to review the problems created by the prior Administration’s border wall construction and develop their plans, today they will start taking initial steps consistent with the President’s Proclamation to reaffirm our commitment to the military and protect border communities.”

Biden will reportedly be returning the money set aside for border wall construction back to the Defense Department, and it will be used “for the hundreds of domestic and overseas projects originally approved by Congress, including military schools and warehouses.”

Republicans have blasted Biden for cancelling the border wall construction, and have shared videos and photos of the wall materials left sitting near the border, that was intended to be used for the wall.

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  1. I’m sure it’s easier to steal 14 Billion when it’s in the *huge* defense fund. Look how much the Obama admin “lost”. Not to mention, Biden doesn’t even know the name of his defense Secretary *or* the drapery meant he runs…he calls him”that guy” and “that outfit over there”.

  2. Instead of finishing the wall to protect the citizens Obiden is flying the illegal aliens all over the country with no ID, no covid testing and just dropping them into the population! Grrrr

  3. What a bunch of dumb bastards. When the crime rates go up, unemployment rises, and jobs lost, human trafficking, drug issues etc, You are going to have more on your plate than you can handle.
    When the handouts are completed, and these people need roofs over their heads, I hope they come knocking on all you lame brain dumbocrats doors.

  4. I’ll wait until the issue of Biden being able to subvert the congressionallly approved funds for the wall is resolved before I believe this will happen.

  5. Again Biden is full of crap and a liar! Peolussi and Congress wouldn’t provide funds for the border wall. Odumbass and Bidum short changed the military by sequestration! How soon do the liars forget. They drained military to point where they had to get spare parts from museum pieces.
    Trump rebuilt the military! Bidem is dumb liar!

  6. Biden
    Is full of shit do not touch the wall money that is our tax money you Biden made a mistake with all the illegals!!!


  8. Biden continues to destroy America supporting the illegals to invade our country and stopping the wall from being built. This is only the a part of the beginning of puppet Joe’s plan and agenda to take us down.
    This guy is a complete corrupted idiot that came from the disastrous Obama regime and to this day, still takes orders from him and evil Kamala.

  9. Macedonia has highways all over the place that are started but never connect. Looks like Joe just to the script from another former communist country.

  10. The same people that have a fortified wall around the Capitol don’t want to protect the rest of America with a well placed wall. Of course not. America last is all they know.


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