UPDATE: Chinese spy balloon sighted over Kansas, Missouri, governors and lawmakers furiously respond

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As the Chinese surveillance balloon continues to brazenly fly right across the United States, multiple reports have come in that it was spotted flying over northeast Kansas and across Kansas City, Missouri.

Fox4KC reported that the ballon was also spotted over the St. Louis area.

CNN reporter Pete Muntean announced that pilots have seen the balloon:

JUST IN: Pilots are now reporting the Chinese spy balloon floating a few thousand feet above them.

“DERELICT BALLOON ADRIFT” at 50,000 feet was just reported by the crew of a Cessna Citation private jet cruising at 43,000 feet near Kansas City.

The National Weather Service announced on Twitter, “We have had several reports across northwest MO of a large balloon visible on the horizon. It is now visible from our office in Pleasant Hill and the KC Metro. We have confirmed that it is not an NWS weather balloon.”

A photographer captured a very clear photo of the balloon over Missouri.

Twitter Account RawsAlerts posted a video and wrote, “We are getting reports that people across northwest Missouri near Pleasant Hill and the KC Metro are reporting seeing the Chinese surveillance balloon moving Southeast.”

In an update, RawsAlerts added, “More photos are being sent to us of people, witnessing the Chinese surveillance balloon this photo captured in Warrensburg, MO just a few minutes ago.”

Missouri Gov. Mike Parson is furious, and blasted out the following statement on Twitter:

We have received zero communication from the Biden Administration regarding reports of the suspected Chinese spy balloon now flying over Missouri. We have heard no explanation or plan to remove it. Why has this been allowed to reach our heartland? Why has it not been eliminated?

We will remain in contact with our Missouri National Guard, law enforcement, and security partners to monitor the safety of Missourians.

Kansas Gov. Laura Kelly (D) also voiced her concern, tweeting, “I have received reports of the suspected Chinese spy balloon over NE KS. If true, this provocation is alarming. My team is in communication with our federal delegation and has reached out to the White House to ensure we work together to protect the safety and security of Kansans.”

Sen. Roger Marshall (R-KS) tweeted, “I can confirm the Chinese spy ballon is over NE KS. My staff is in contact with law enforcement officials. I condemn any attempts the Chinese make to spy on Americans. President Biden must protect the sovereignty of the U.S. whether it’s our airspace or the southern border.”

“SHOOT IT DOWN,” demanded Sen. Josh Hawley (R-Mo.).

Sen. Eric Schmitt (R-Mo.), the former Attorney General of Missouri, tweeted, “I know I was just named to the Senate Armed Services Committee yesterday but I’m going to go out on a limb and say we shouldn’t have a Chinese spy balloon floating over the United States of America. Take it down.”

Sen. Jerry Moran (R-KS) declared, “China invaded US airspace, & the Biden admin needs to take action to address this situation. Further delay is unacceptable. I have received reports of a balloon over NE Kansas, & I am in contact with DoD on what action is being taken to protect Kansans & the US from this threat.”

Meteorologist Dan Satterfield shared projections on where the balloon might go, depending on the weather patterns.

Fox4KC meteorologist Jacob Lanier confirmed, “The jet stream winds at the top of the atmosphere would indeed transport any upper air objects from Montana down into Missouri.”

According to Lanier, the balloon is projected to go across Indiana, Kentucky and Tennessee.

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  1. Anyone need more proof that Biden works for China and the CCP? If it was Trump’s white house it would have been eliminated.

  2. It is the Swamp’s fault that we are having so many problems. They helped Biden get in by not doing anything about the fraud and putting someone in that isn’t legitimate. That’s what happens when you get a corrupt person running our Country.

  3. Biden I’m sure is allowing all of this , course as this is happening china is threatening Taiwan so maybe the balloon is the distraction. I’d pay to see some ARMED drones take it out …..

  4. Weak/woke leadership brings aggressive plots to conquer America. We all know this current admin invited this. We not
    Only have us being race baited, scurried off to have our youths generals hacked off, fentanyl purposefully placed on our streets, but now China blatantly spying on us. Wow… I actually just vomited reading about this!!! HOW IS THIS
    HAPPENIng!!!!! This is the stuff that causes me to want to buy a weapon!!!!!!!!! F it!!!!! Im getting one now. This
    Government has proved they are not
    Going to
    Protect me!!!!! They sure as fuck
    Take my
    Money though!!!!!! It isn’t funny! The jokes about
    This are annoying.

  5. China wants our
    Politicians not
    To go Korea but they
    Can send a spy
    Over our skies and that ducking dress wearing prick is busy pulling his panty hose on instead of having a real MAN IN
    COMBAT boots making some direct orders to deflate this thing. Yep- all
    Those WW2 vets be cringing. Next- Chinese soldiers will be knocking on my door.

  6. I think China is conducting surveillance of our nuclear launch sites and also testing the atmospheric conditions and our response for a future EMP attack. That altitude and center of the USA is the ideal position to explode an EMP weapon and knock out most of the south and eastern board electrical grid. Such an attack would be useful if China initiates an invasion of Taiwan.

    Joe Biden’s lackluster handling of this invasion and allowing the Chinese to continue their spying should tell u that Joe Biden is a compeomised man working for the Chinese.

  7. The Chinese Spy balloon is sending information to China as it travels. Even if it gets shot down China has already retrieved whatever it was looking for. The damage was done by not taking it out immediately. Like in January when first seen. We are NOT Safe from China or Joe Biden. Let them get top secret info from military. Pop the ballon Joe!

  8. When are we Americans going to realize the Government is not on our side.What will be the last straw before we all come together and take this Government out and get our country back?

  9. Someone ought to autograph buyd3n on a projectile and shoot the damn thing down. But the problem is WE Don’t Know What Type of BIOWEAPON It Has HELL WE DON’T KNOW IF THERE IS A NUCLEAR WARHEAD OF SOME SORT IN IT.
    Go to buyd3n home and drag him out the TREASONOUS BASTARD. Throw him in a jail cell until THE MILITARY CAN HOLD A TRIBUNAL AGAINST THE SICK FK AND HE GETS DISPOSED OF PROPERLY. We don’t want him buried in our soil. SO SHIP HIS BODY TO CHINA.
    I’m tired of being told Putin this and Putin that. Keep your eyes on Putin….
    Get rid of the bastard!!! Where and when is this impeachment going to take place???? EXPEDITE IT 2 fk years of this trash has/is tooooo LONG

  10. Someone need to shoot it down the Pussy president they installed doesn’t have the balls since China payed his crack head son he will let them spy on us

  11. Good thing the Chinese spy balloon didn’t have a missile drop out of it and hit the heart of America wouldn’t that have been the end


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